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Talkroute is a cloud telephony software helping businesses to effortlessly attend business calls anywhere around the world. Rather then maintaining an additional landline the software provides with the ability to forward calls to the desired phone number on which you need it to take place. Talkroute is SAAS based software working on cloud telephony where you can forward multiple calls by registering a single number.


  • Call Forwarding
  • Phone Numbers
  • Call Menu
  • Live Call Transfer
  • Text Messaging
  • Reporting
  • Audio Prompts
  • Voice Mail
  • User and Permissions
  • Multiple extensions

Why Should we consider this?

Talkroute is software with all features and public switched telephone networks that helps to provide effective call service and quality along with call forwarding and extension qualities. Talkroute comes with easy plans and pricing fir for SMBs and Midscale businesses that make it easy to fit in the budget and reduce the additional landline and equipment costs for the company along with the hurdle of being on a desk and fixing ways to attend incoming calls for business.

Plans & Pricing

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It is a cloud-based virtual telephony SAAS based software comprising of additional workflow automation. CallHippo team was founded by founder Ankit Dudhwewala in Walnut California to enhance customer experience and increase customer relationships building reliable business relationships.

Call hippo work on VOIP technology and focus on providing the best results to customers. Plans are an easy fit for SMBs and Mid-sized companies as it also provides the free plan for its user along with very minimum pricing.


  • Call Analytics
  • Call Recordings
  • Status Report
  • Country ¬†Wise Selection
  • Unique Numbers
  • Timezone
  • Voice Mail Enabled
  • Call Forwarding

Why should we consider this?

CallHippo has known names among cloud telephony software. It is well known for its features included in all basic plans being free of cost. As it works on VOIP technology there is no requirement to have a separate landline or someone to be at the front desk all the time. Along with it, you can have different extensions for the same number with the IVRS functionality. It is known for being a perfect choice for SMBs, Agencies and mid-sized companies.

Plans & Pricing

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