Top 7 Tips to get 20% Increased Online Sales

Online Sales
Online Sales Accounts for over 7% of all eCommerce transactions, making it the second most effective eCommerce marketing channel behind search (15.8%).
Here are the top 7 tips that help you to increase online sales.
Reward your Most Loyal Customers

For most eCommerce websites, an 80/20 relationship exists between customers and total revenue. That is, a large proportion of revenue is typically driven by a relatively small number of loyal customers. Their most loyal group of customers had a gift card redemption rate of 34%, representing $105,000 of the total revenue driven by this campaign.

Be Prepared for Product Seasonality

Considering how much creative and commercial potential there is in these events. It’s important to have a system that ensures you’re always one step ahead of the competition.  One of the easiest ways to ensure you’re never rushing to send a campaign out is to build a 12-month newsletter calendar that includes both retail holidays and events specific to your own business’ seasonality.                                                                          

Make your Transactional Emails Count

Your transactional emails should primarily tell the customer the status of their order. This doesn’t, however, mean that you can’t use them as an opportunity to engage the customer or upsell other products.

Needless to say, transactional emails don’t need to be dull notifications. With a bit of creativity and personalization, they can become powerful hooks to drive engagement and repeat customers.                                                                                                       

Surprise your Customers with Free Store Credits

I think it’s fair to call this is a brilliant piece of online sales. Instead of giving customers an arbitrary 10-15% off their next purchase, the store credit approach tells customers specifically what they are losing by not taking action within the next 24 hours.

Considering that loss aversion is a very powerful motivator. The next time you’re planning to send your customers a % discount, consider giving them a specific amount of store credit to use instead.                                                                                          

Setup Milestone Campaigns for Birthdays & Anniversaries

Experts found that giving a ‘$X off’ gift had the highest transaction rate and revenue per email when compared to other percentage-based, point-based, or free shipping gifts.         

Take Your Email Marketing Beyond the Inbox                                                   

The potential of what you could do with this strategy is mind-boggling. Imagine purchasing a product online to then finding an advert on Facebook five minutes later with a popular upsell product. When they then visit their inbox, if they still haven’t bought the upsell you could send them an email with a discount on that specific upsell product.

Incentivize customers to review the product                                                   

There are countless case studies highlighting the positive impact of product reviews. While these numbers speak for themselves, gathering reviews is easier said than done. One of the best strategies to encourage them is to offer a competition-based incentive brilliant.


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