7 Tips for Personalized Abandonment Cart Email

Abandonment Cart Email
Abandonment Cart Email is really effective and fully personalized it reduces shopping cart abandonment by 20%-30% and engages with your customers throughout their purchase journey.
Below are the top 7 super tips for personalized abandonment cart email which will surely get you an improvement of 20-30% on your current sales conversions.
1. Customize and Personalize your emails:

Make use of the information about your customer’s viz. Age, gender, geographical location, etc. to send emails tailor-made for them. 

Always make personalized recommendations in emails according to the customer data available. This ensures a positive response and an increased sales conversion rate.

2. Use  permission marketing & double opt-in methodology:

When you are sending promotional emails to customers regarding a subscription of newsletter or product launch updates, ensure that you ask customer’s permissions for sending the same. 

Another approach is when a customer enrolls for a subscription email, always send confirmation emails with online activation links (double opt-in approach).

3. Responsive email design:

This is the era where people use multiple -digital platforms, according to their requirements and comfort. 

It is of utmost importance that digital marketers send email newsletters that are designed and optimized for accessibility on mobiles, tablets, and desktops.

4. Email as a channel for driving deals and offers:

Emails are the best channels to introduce customers to deal and seasonal offers. Since the emails get stored in the inbox which can be accessed even later.

They have a better edge over other social media platforms where the news feeds have a very short lifespan.

5. Re-engagement emails for customers who restrained from completing a purchase:

If you are specialized in online product sales, keep track of customers who have abandoned midway in purchasing the products.

Try to engage them again by sending emails mentioning the product return policy explicitly and by offering free shipping charges.

6. Don’t Fall Behind:

A recent survey of eCommerce marketers showed that an average of less than 25% of eCommerce marketers are investing in abandoned cart nurturing at even the most basic level. 

E-Commerce marketers who are still dragging their feet with simple cart abandonment campaigns — much less sophisticated, personalized campaigns — are going to see themselves falling further and further behind.

7. Include Images of Abandoned Items:

All the while, their favorites are still hanging around in your shopping cart, just waiting to be retrieved. In fact, 74% of consumers state that they get “frustrated” when the content in your marketing appears to have nothing to do with their interests.

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