Top 5 Secrets to Boost eCommerce Sales with Instagram

eCommerce Sales

Are you running a small-medium business promoting your brand and looking out to drive sales?

Instagram is a magic spell for those who have a strong following of targeted customers. It can get your products more seen by people and that is how you can manage your activities more by getting more people followed and driving sales. Whether you are a small running business or an individual looking out for a sales pitch, Instagram is the best way to drive your eCommerce Sales as it is the app for shoppers. Shoppers are always interested to know about their favorite brands and new product launches.


There are more than 300 million monthly users on Instagram and still more to grow. According to research, 62% of users follow a brand just because they like it. Moreover, whenever they have a liking towards a particular product, it automatically entices them to order. Images play a major role in doing so, and that is why Instagram is here, as it is an app basically to flaunt your photography and messages.

So now when we know how useful is Instagram, then why not interact with the Instagram community and earn personally invested customers who keep coming back for more.

Here I am sharing a few ways through which you can boost eCommerce Sales with Instagram effectively. Instagram is a very effective tool to take your business to the next level.

Have a look…

  1. Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags are an integral part of the social sharing network. You must make use of hashtags relevant to the image which will help you to show up in the “Discover” tab. Make sure you use right and appropriate hashtags with the images otherwise it will lead you to absurd users. Right hashtags will lead you to targeted followers and likers, which will ultimately help to grow your sales. Start by knowing the hottest tags and find the best hashtags topic wise. Also, do not use too much of hashtags for a single post. You can put as many hashtags as you want but the average number of hashtags used should be between 5-10 for a single post. This will definitely go a long way.

  1. Create relevant content for your followers

You must post content that is relevant for your followers and you. Think like what they will think and expect while reading your content. Create a piece of informative content and share with your followers. If your followers liked your content, needlessly to say, they will like it and this will show their recent activities, which will help you to have a wider audience. This will even help you to promote your brand.

  1. Engage with followers

Just having too many followers is not enough. You must also engage yourself with their activities, content, and photographs. Do like some of their recent photos and comment on a few while appreciating their content. This is a social media platform and engaging with your followers is as important as posting new content and photos on Instagram. In fact, the better idea is to set a timeline according to your schedule and make a habit of engaging yourself at that particular time with your followers. Do not stick to the notification bar for recent updates.

  1. Write Active & Inviting Captions

The captions that you use for your photos can be the difference between getting lots of likes and getting very few. This entirely changes the likeness and description of the images you share. Keep in mind the latest trend and write eye-catchy captions which is related to the image. Do not perform hard-selling, otherwise, your followers will start ignoring your posts. You can use generic quotes which describes the beauty of the photos with relation to your business. It is always better to think of your own captions but if you find this hard, then you can take help of Google as well.

  1. Run contests and provide offers

Posting content and engaging with followers will work best but to make the best out of your sales you must run some contests and promote your offers that must be useful for your followers. Moreover, e-commerce works best when you provide offers on your products like: “Buy 2 get 2 free”, “50% discount on your first purchase”, “Best Deal on Women’s Day” etc. All you need to keep in mind is that do not sound like a social seller. Just keep your content and offers informative. Obviously your goal is to drive sales but not by annoying your followers. It is important to make your followers feel special and focus on engaged community.

Over To You:

Can you think of more tips for driving eCommerce sales with Instagram? Please share in the comment section below.


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