What are Top 5 most widely used Paid Marketing Strategies for Startup?

5 ways of Paid Marketing Strategies for Startup
5 ways of Paid Marketing for Startup

Paid marketing is a type of marketing strategy where businesses pay to promote the brands,services or the product.This type of marketing is different from traditional marketing practices in which the organic traffic comes.

In today’s era most of the population are shifting to start there startup .The growth in the entrepreneurial activity is increased to 14.4% from previous year. Some are large firms or some are small but in those firms where the investment is high they want an exponential growth for this only paid marketing is a way to increase the traffic.


Now we will discuss the top five most effective paid marketing techniques for startups.

5 most powerful paid marketing strategies

1.Social Media Paid Marketing



Graph of the Social Media Paid Marketing
Graph of the Social Media Paid Marketing

-The most widely used marketing way in today’s time is social media marketing the people from every age group are using this.
-The users base of social media is 5.84 Billion which is higher among the all   the platform and the average time spending is more than two hours of the   users.
-The businesses generated annually through online shopping orders annually from social media is 87.5 Billion dollars.

Platforms – Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, Linkedln Ads etc


-The audience reach is global getting quick traffic on the website.
-The investment are low but the returns are high.

2.Search Engine Paid Marketing

Search Engine Paid Marketing
Search Engine Paid Marketing

-In this type of marketing the agenda is to increase the visibility of the website in search.Every time when someone clicks on the ads businesses pay fee .

Platforms – Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads etc


-Paid ads always comes on the top of search engine as compared to organic search.
-Paid ads always target the specific audience who are most likely to be interested.
-We can easily measure the analytics of the ads like how much traffic is generated.
-Paid ads always have full control on everything no algorithm is applied to it.

3.Display Paid Marketing

Display Paid Marketing
Display Paid Marketing

Display marketing means running visuals ads like banners, photos and videos across various platform like on website and apps.

Platforms – Google Display Network,Facebook Audience Network etc

-We can run our ads here as a story telling. If your are running your ads on some top searching website or apps if a customers click on it this will increase the traffic of website.

4. Influencer Paid Marketing


Influencer Paid Marketing
Influencer Paid Marketing

In today’s time people are using you tube ,tik-tok many other platforms they are having there there ideals there they are passionate about them there life styles and all. If we want to incerse the awareness about our brand in the eyes of people the startups are collaborating with them that they can talk about there products, services or the company so audience should about it.

Platforms – You tube ,tik-tok etc

-The influencer marketing will increase the trust of your brand in the eyes of customers.
-The reach is global because the people are following them throughout worldwide.
-Audience will see the benefits of your products and sales will increase.
-It will build a emotional connections to the people.

5.Content Paid Marketing

Content paid marketing
Content paid marketing

Content marketing is like making a awesome content of your business in the form of blogs, post and many other things like posting about your product or services to educate people about your product but there are many people who post but to come at the top you had to do content paid marketing. Through this you will get instant results and leads to nurture them.

Platforms- Website,Email,Blogging,Online Communities.

-The reach is wider through post you can reach to thousand of people.
-There is no need to shout by your paid post you can reach to your target audience.

Some other bonus marketing strategies 

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing 
Affiliate Marketing

In this the brand collaborate with other website to promote your brand in the exchange of commission.


In current many peoples are staring there small and large startup but starting a business is not the only target making profit from it for this we have do the marketing of it then only people will be able to know about and make a profit but there are some large firms who want instant results . For that we have discussed five major ways of paid marketing which will help you to rise your business quickly in the eyes of people and these strategies are like social media marketing,Search Engine Paid Marketing,display ads in current these strategies are like a very big asset for Companies to incerse there visibility.




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