Top 5 Marketing Challenges Overcome By Marketing Automation Agencies

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Marketing becomes harder when you have a limited budget and a competitive marketplace. Falling in love with your clients’ problem is a great way to business but as technology increasing influence on consumer behavior, clients’ problems are getting more complex. But marketing automation agencies overcome marketing challenges.

To help clients out, agencies and companies are opting for digital solutions. But there is a list of challenges that make it difficult for smooth functioning.


Over the past few years, we have encountered many hurdles that are common to most agencies in handling customers or implementing marketing automation.

Here we’ve listed the most difficult challenges overcome by marketing automation agencies that act as barriers to achieving marketing success.

Tiny Budget of a client

In response to the question “ What prevents advanced marketing?” 40% of MAP user marketers, answered lack of budget. A limited marketing budget of a client is a common issue faced by an agency.

When funds are limited it is sometimes crucial to ensure that the money spent would produce a high-quality result. As automation tool is cheaper (at least ours i.e PlugTalent) it can be implemented with a tiny budget also.

There are a few things you can do to get more money for your marketing efforts. Like you can explain to them that without a solid marketing strategy tied to their business goal they are wasting their money spend on marketing. Show them ROI result you’ve got for your other clients, ensure that you have the tools and experience to succeed.

Shortage of Desired Content

THE BIG BOTTLENECK of marketing automation: a shortage of quality content is one of the prime concerns of an agency. Without good content, marketing efforts can go in vain even if you have the advanced and tailored marketing automation tool.

Good content is like fuel to marketing automation. If you do not have quality and personalized content what would you suppose to send to the people?

Although it is important to continue to generate content and send it to your prospect, this has actually led to an oversaturation of low-quality content. Write a few but decent posts, send less but quality emails that can capture prospects attention.

Bad Targeting

When you went into building campaign you likely had an idea of who would be your target audience. But sometimes that “idea” isn’t the appropriate i.e. that target segment is not most valuable for your company.

Finding the right segment can be a challenge for a marketing agency, in fact, many marketing agencies have admitted that they do not know what their target segment is.

So as a marketing agency you also need to invest your funds in an appropriate direction and marketing automation tool can help to target the right segment through the advance segment feature.

Slow Adapting of the advanced digital Tool 

Technology changes at a rapid pace, which considered “best practice” one day, looks entirely different the next day.

Marketers had little time to learn to be in the competition because all these technologies and new platforms are fast-moving just like the digital age. Adapting to the advanced technical tool can be done easily with the help of marketing automation.

Trouble in Multi-Channel Functioning

At present thanks to the digital age (advanced technology), a lot of new marketing channel is there. Marketing agencies have to determine which channels they need to work on or which channels their target audience is present on, how to use each channel effectively and which channel can be used for a particular segment.

Determining what channels your target audience are present on is easy, understanding how each channel can be used effectively is difficult. Sales-Push is all in one tool where you can choose among various marketing channels to reach out to your target audience.

A lot has changed and a lot will change with regards to marketing. As marketers, we need to deliver the right message to the right persons at the right time.

If you don’t see a result, don’t lose hope. Come up with a solid plan, execute it and always test and improve. Marketing is all about consistent efforts.

Want more tips on how to overcome marketing challenges? Or want to know more about marketing automation, feel free to browse our blog and resources pages or you can reach out and contact us with your queries.


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