Top 10 Email Marketing Software

Top 10 Email Marketing Softwares
Top 10 Email Marketing Softwares

Let us take you through the era of digitalization and growing marketing trends. Looking at the current marketing trends comprises of multiple marketing methods. Email Marketing is one of the most relevant and engaging ways of reaching the target audience.

Unlike other marketing tools, email marketing brings with the highest Return on Investment which makes it most relevant marketing medium, as emails are the most accessible and relevant medium of connecting with the audience nowadays

Email Trends
Email Trends 2019

The research brings all of us on a common page. With the pace of digitalization of business, e-commerce websites, online selling commodities, and E-Marketing strategies and mediums we found Email Marketing as the most relevant, considerable, non-disturbing and economically priced medium for reaching customers and target audiences.

You definitely need to check out multiple platforms before selecting one that fits within your organization’s requirements, criteria, skills, and budget.

Let me take you on a tour to help all the marketers review and decide the one that seems to be the perfect match!

Three simple steps to help you decide the right platform.

1- Read the reviews

2- Book a trial, use the tool thoroughly

3- Checkout the Plan (Budget is one of the key factors!)

You’re good to go! Let’s Start.

1. Mailchimp

MailChimp is the legacy of email marketing software. It is the stepping stone to the world of email marketing. The company started as a digital agency serving multiple areas and services. Email Marketing started as a minor part of the digital agency known as Rocket Science Group. The software has immense capabilities to outperformed email marketing strategies and features like list segmentation, template libraries, contact management, and automation features.

Top 10 Email Marketing Software
Forever Free Plan

Yes, You heard it right. MailChimp offers a Forever Free Plan with 12,000 Emails per month with a limit of 2000 subscribers/contacts list.

  • 5000 contacts/subscribers with unlimited emails cost $50 per month.
  • 10,000 contacts/subscribers with unlimited emails costs $75 per month.
  • 50,000 contacts/subscribers with unlimited emails costs $250 per month.
  • 100,000 contacts/subscribers with unlimited emails costs $475 per month.

If you require multivariate testing or A/B testing along with advanced automation features. The pricing will include an additional $199.with the same pricing as the above.

Who should Opt for it?

Mailchimp is a strong and exclusive email marketing software. It is one of the most popular choices for naive users to try their hands on email marketing and experience the best among all the marketing solutions. It is for those users who require to have the best experience with minimum efforts at a particular time.

Who Shouldn’t Go for It?

Mailchimp is really strict in its policy and agreements. The software doesn’t help affiliate marketers and spammers. It is highly responsive to the regulations imposed and can blacklist or close your account without intimating if used for unauthentic purposes.

2. Aweber

Aweber is a brand Email marketing software. The software supports all features from basic to advanced like Form creation, dynamic content, automation workflow. It comes with all the features supported even in the basic plans. Easy of use and creating effective newsletter and autoresponders. Customer service is really attentive and active.

Top 10 Email Marketing Software
Aweber 2019
  • 5000 contacts with unlimited emails cost $49
  • 10,000 contacts with unlimited emails cost $69
  • 25,000 contacts with unlimited emails cost $149
  • 50,000 contacts with unlimited emails cost $392
  • 100,000 contacts with unlimited emails cost $792

Who should Opt for it?

Aweber is a marketer software for enterprises or small teams. There is no limitation on the features as per the upsizing or downscaling of the plan. Marketers who are looking for a simple and easy to use email and newsletter designing software can choose it.

Who Shouldn’t Go for It?

Aweber is not the right choice for high volume senders or SMBs. It needs some improvement in the UI and dashboard. The UI  does not appear as organized as its competitors which makes it bit off the track to be recognized irrespective of its simplicity.

3.Constant Contact

Constant contact is quite an old player in Email Marketing Software. It has all the capabilities from creating promotional campaigns, newsletters, email automation workflow, eCommerce store designing. The software deals with all the functionalities required by any email marketing software. It is one of the renowned players in the industry. Reports and data analysis features are really customer-centric. Easy to manage list segmentation and contact management.

Constant Contact
Constant Contact 2019

Constant Contact offers two kinds of Plans:

Email Plan
  • 10,000 subscribers  with unlimited emails cost $95
  • 25,000 subscribers with unlimited emails cost $295
Email Plus Plan
  • 10,000 subscribers  with unlimited emails cost $195
  • 25,000 subscribers  with unlimited emails cost $225
Who should Opt for it?

Constant contact offers much more than basic email marketing. It offers functionalities like e-commerce, drip campaigns, reports, autoresponders. Marketers who are searching for reliable, easy to operate and dependable software may look for a trial.

Who Shouldn’t Go for It?

Users who are looking for marketing automation at convenient and affordable pricing should look for some other solution. Although it is one of the most robust software but still too expensive to afford for SMBs.

Sales-Push is a complete email marketing software designed for B2B and B2C. It offers a complete suite for email marketing with easy to use drag and drop editor, multiple effective campaigns and libraries. Being customer-centric makes them offer two separate plans provided one with marketing automation and others for sending basic promotional email campaigns. It offers prominent support to their users depending on different multiple factors: deliverability, content, guidelines, accessibility, etc.

Top 10 Email Marketing Software
Volume /Credit Based Plan
  • 50K email credits cost $29 per month
  • 100K  email credits cost $49 per month
  • 250K email credits cost $99 per month

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Contact Based Plan 
  • 10K contacts with unlimited emails: $109 per month
  • 25K contacts with unlimited emails: $179 per month
  • 50K contacts with unlimited emails: $239 per month

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Who Should Go For it? is highly customer-centric and professional for their client. Users who are looking to purchase affordable and efficient email marketing solutions can go for this. Offering different types of email solutions to their users makes it a very flexible solution.

It has two types of email solutions: one with email automation and second without email automation based on email credits and contacts respectively. Therefore it can be used by different users based on their requirements.

Who Should not Opt it?

Like any other email marketing software, does not welcome spammers. They are highly attentive towards all their customers. It seems to be growing from the day they have started.

5. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is another name in email marketing software. It provides ease of use and user-friendly UI experience. The drag and drop editor has many features and effective email templates. It serves and offers all the major features required for Email marketing such as A/B Testing, List Segmentation, tagging, etc. Being a bit high priced than its competitors might be a hurdle for you.

Campaign Monitor
Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor offers 3 types of plans

  • Basic: Drag and Drop editor with basic autoresponders and drip campaigns.Email support, Built-in-analytics suite.
  • Unlimited: Advanced email marketing features, spam testing, unlimited email sending, time-zone sending, basic inbox preview.
  • Premier: Advanced segmentation, send-time optimization, link tracking, exclusive phone, and email support.
Who should Opt for it?

Campaign Monitor can be the choice who is convinced to dedicate a budget for marketing activities. It serves to be reliable for those who are looking for a reliable and effective email marketing solution.

Who Shouldn’t Go for It?

SMBs are not the right fit for the product in case looking to start with marketing automation.Mid level companies and enterprise-level companies can opt for the product.


Sendinblue is among the highest volume sending email marketing software. It is majorly used by companies who are looking to send a high volume of emails under affordable pricing. Sendinblue serves email marketing and SMS services along with transactional emails as well. Initially, the software only introduced transactional emails and later on scaled up to become a complete email marketing suite.


  • Forever Free Plan: 300 emails /month
  • Lite : 40,000 emails per month for $25
  • Essential : 60,000 emails per month for $39
  • Premium : 1,200,000 emails for $66  and 3.50,000 for $173
Who should Opt for it?

Sendinblue is known for sending a huge volume of emails. It is easily affordable as compared to any of the competitors. The software is quite affordable and easy to use.

Who Shouldn’t Go for It?

It is great software for SMBs, although sometimes the deliverability can fluctuate a bit. It is not as smooth as the big names which seem to be fine as compared to the cost and customer service offered by the company.


GetResponse is another Email marketing software with automation features. It comprises of email marketing features like beautiful email templates, list builder, contact management, template designing, and other functionalities. The software is easy to use and setup and affordable as well. It does not require a lot of time for training to understand the features and get started.

  • Email : 25000 contacts  for $145/month    
  • Pro :    25000 contacts  for $165/month     
  • Max :  25000 contacts  for $255/month                          
  • Enterprise: For more than 100,000 contact list
Who should Opt for it?

GetResponse is a must go option for SMBs which require basic email marketing automation features. Also, it is an affordable solution for those who are looking for reliable and feature specific marketing solutions.

Who Shouldn’t Go for It?

Companies searching for more advanced email marketing solution should not go for this. Get Response is not for the users who are looking for an advanced email marketing solution.

8. Drip

Drip is one of the best Email marketing software for the E-commerce industry. It is for those who require to create the designed workflow for their email campaigns following step by step leading to conversions. Drip is focussed on more targeted email campaigns leading to step by step conversions. For Ex: Sending introduction email, proceeding to more personalized campaigns, further leading to provide options and more.

Drip 2019
Drip 2019
  • Basic: $49 for up to 2500 Contacts with Unlimited Emails
  • Pro: $122 for up to 5000 Contacts with Unlimited Emails
  • Enterprise: Varies for  5000+ contacts list size
Who should Opt for it?

Drip is created to help users to be more specific in their targeting. Majorly emphasized on targeting e-commerce industries. It is a step by step conversion tool for marketers who are looking for targeting customers using a conversion workflow of email campaigns.

Who Shouldn’t Go for It?

As the prices are quite high compared to normal email marketing platforms, it is suitable for users who are willing to invest a good volume of the budget in marketing. It is more confined to E-Commerce & online B2C businesses.

9. Convertkit

Convertkit is an email marketing platform for the E-commerce industry selling products online. It is a software built for managing automation workflow with the email campaigns. Being new in the journey the platforms offers features and functionalities required to create targeted automation workflow. It also includes a landing page builder of its own.


  • 1k subscriber list costs $29/month
  • 3k subscriber list costs $49/month
  • 5k subscriber list costs $79/month
  • 10k subscriber list costs $119/month
Who should Opt for it?

Convertkit is used by customers confined to B2C companies and freelancers. As required by those who have their major focus towards drip campaigns to achieve desired results by specifying their target audiences and workflow automation.

Who Shouldn’t Go for It?

Convertkit is a new software and is not the preferred choice for B2B companies. The software is not a pick for SMBs and startup who are looking for basic email marketing. It is new as compared to the competitors so updates keep taking place.

10. MailerLite

MailerLite is another platform used for Email Marketing and advanced marketing features as well. It is a basic marketing tool for creating email campaigns. The email builder is easy to use and has a beautiful template library. It provides basic and advanced email marketing features.

Top 10 Email Marketing Software
  •  5k subscriber list costs $30/month
  •  25k subscriber list costs $50/month
  •  50k subscriber list costs $210month
  • 100k subscriber list costs $360/month
Who should Opt for it?

MailerLite is for users who are looking to start email marketing. It comes with both free and paid plans. It is used for simple emailing and not for E-commerce.

Who Shouldn’t Go for It?

MailerLite is not meant for E-commerce industries. It is software for normal emailing purposes.


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