Tips To Improve Technical SEO

Technical SEO

One of the main objectives of any marketing professional or website owner is to get search engine organic traffic.

To get a good amount of organic traffic you must work hard on technical SEO (search engine optimization).


Technical SEO is the process of optimizing the crawling, indexing, and rendering phase of your website to achieve higher search rankings.

Technical SEO is very important as it is one of the most important and fundamental aspects of SEO. If there would be any problem with your technical SEO then your SEO efforts will not generate the expected result.

It is more of a technical problem related to a site than specific page issues. Their fixes can help improve your site as a whole, rather than just isolated pages.

In this post, we’ll focus on some fundamental steps to technical SEO success.


Google index your website’s pages before they appear in a search result. Ensure that Google can find your pages.

You can check the indexation status of your website by:

  • Typing (your site name) into the search engine and you’ll immediately see how many pages on your site are ranked.
  • Using an SEO crawling tool.
  • Logging into Google Search Console and then clicking on Google Index > Coverage.  

The number on indexed URL should be matched with the total number of URLs in your database if not so this might mean duplicate URLs and URLs that contain a non-index meta tag.

Create a sitemap

Sitemaps are important for Google to find and index websites. You can create it using WordPress Yoast SEO plugin or Google’s XML plugin.

Once you’ve created the sitemap, submit it to Google via Google Search Console.

Once the sitemap is uploaded, look for errors and suggestions provided by Google. Fix them and then regularly update your sitemap in order to include new pages.

Speed up your website

Website speed matters. Slower the website, lower will be its rank even if it has good quality content. The faster site has a lower bounce rate and higher conversion rate because if the website takes a long time to load then a visitor will end up being frustrated and ultimately leave the website.

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

Having a mobile-friendly website is no more an option. Google algorithm gives preference to a mobile-friendly website. With the introduction of the mobile-first index by Google, if you don’t have a fast, mobile-friendly website your rankings will suffer.

Audit your site

Fix your on-page SEO or internal links by conducting an audit, run a weekly audit to fix site errors. It will improve your rank in SERPs. When you are auditing internal links check broken links, click depths and redirect links. There are several tools that can help you do this. SEMrush, Moz, and Ahrefs are all great tools.

What are your thoughts on technical SEO? Which tactics and tips you have used or use to improve your technical SEO?

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