Email marketing and social media marketing are not far apart in the spectrum of digital marketing. In fact, all other techniques considered, these two are probably the easiest to integrate, and both can benefit from doing so. In this article, we will focus on how to integrate social media and email marketing.

Email marketing is still effective today. Studies have shown that only a few companies got successful results after opting out of their email marketing in favor of social media marketing and other digital marketing strategies.


Benefits of Integrating Email Marketing in your Social Media Strategy 

  •  More subscribers on your list

When users talk about your emails or content on social media, it enhances the publicity for your brand. More users will get a chance to know about your brand and thus, a higher chance of having more subscribers.

  •  A new platform for subscribers

Let the subscribers know that you are active on social media, and ask them to follow you to keep the latest updates, discount offers, and product launches.

  • Amplify the reach of your content

When you integrate social media into your emails, you improve the reach of your email throughout the different marketing channels.

Integrating Email Marketing in your Social Media Platforms

Following are the ways you can apply

Adding social media icon to the emails

Social Media And Email Marketing

Maximum of us already follow this practice. However,  it is not that placing a small icon of Twitter or the Facebook button at the bottom of your email message. Say it loud and proud, right at the beginning, in a place where readers won’t miss it.

Invite subscribers to share

While many of the subscribers recognize the button as social sharing icons, not all of them know why you’re inviting them. Tell them exactly what you want them to do. If it works for your campaign, you can add this success to all other campaigns.

Social media to promote email opt-ins

If you have a strong presence in one social network, you can use it and ask people to subscribe to your article. You can also promote email opt-ins on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The point is to utilize each platform to boost other channels.

Have a “Retweet This!” option in your emails

Highlighting a specific tweet in your email campaign can help to promote your campaigns on email and Twitter. A good thing to promote a particular tweet in your campaign.

Give incentives

Some companies urge subscribers to get their friends/networks to follow and like them on social media in exchange for referral bonuses or discounts on the purchases they make. You can offer other incentives like featuring their article on your website or giving them elite customer status by offering them early access on the event day.


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