Things to Consider When You Implement Marketing Automation

Implement Marketing Automation

Today’s there is a stiff competition in the marketers that have forced marketers to leave no stone unturned to keep their brands ahead of others. Even if you have a good product, a lack of a good marketing strategy and tool could affect business success.

One of the topmost favorable strategies for rising above the competition is marketing automation.


Marketing automation is the use of software to automate various marketing tasks such as data integration, segmentation, and campaign management. By automating these processes you can minimize human error and can save a lot of your time and money.

As you make the right step towards implement marketing automation, here are the main things to consider.

Specify your goals

Setting sharp measurable and attainable goals will give you a clear direction with vision. What is the purpose you want marketing automation tool to use, make sure you have a clear KPI?


Before you start comparing automation options, first set the budget. How much you can spend on marketing automation? Sit back and take some time to evaluate available automation tools, what each one offers, services, etc.

Integration capabilities

To succeed you have to integrate your automation tool with other important digital software. You can easily integrate with plugins or software to optimize its functionality.

System complexity

Marketing automation platform (MPA) is designed to save time from complex tedious task and it would be kind of defeat if MAP itself difficult to work or overly time-consuming to figure out.


Be sure to select a provider that provide you support during your working hours (real-time support) because you can get stuck in between and at that time your service provider can help you out.

Additional Consideration to Implement Marketing Automation

  • Spam Compliance Rules and Setup
  • Number of triggers
  • Number of actions
  • Hyper-Segmentation and simple list management
  • In-depth analytics and tracking conversions


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