The Best B2B Lead Generation Campaign

Lead Generation Campaign

Lead generation Campaign for B2B is not like lead generating for B2C, building a suitable lead generation strategy for B2B is about finding and understanding tried and tested channels and building tactics to achieve your business goals.

A B2B marketer should understand the different dynamics, budgets, and possible outcomes of each lead generation channel.


This article will let you go through the major channel for B2B lead generation like social media, email marketing, blogging. We’ll show you effective strategies as well.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Using social media for lead generation is a critical component of B2B. Unlike B2C where social media is one of the most effective digital marketing channels, it’s more complicated in the B2B industry.

A conversion rate of Social Media

Quantity over quality seems to be the norm when it comes to B2B social media lead generation.

There’s no specific answer for B2B social media conversion rates but according to a study, social media conversion at 1.95%, vs. inbound at 3.28%.

There are two main channels being B2B marketer you should focus on:

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is the top social media platform for B2B marketers that’s why it has above the board figures when it comes to B2B social media conversion.

There are some tactics that you need to apply to LinkedIn marketing to increase the engagement rate and lead generation. The tactics you use on LinkedIn need to Draft content based on buyer persona Continuously test CTAs, images, and content that you are using Insert ‘forms’ in your advertisement copy

Facebook Lead Ads

As per the 2017 survey by BGC, 60% of B2B buyers make a purchase via mobile. Additionally, online business queries have also been shifted towards mobile in the past few years.

Facebook Lead Ads helps you to capture lead inside Facebook. It let your audience sign up for the offer inside the social media account.

Facebook launched this advertisement service in 2015 after their analytics showed that users found it difficult to reach to the businesses on Facebook mobile.

Facebook Lead Ad solves this problem because it allows B2B users to sign up for your offer in just two taps, without leaving the social network. These ads are highly targeted and customizable.

Check out this for more details on how to create Facebook Leads Ads.

Which content type drive lead generation?

You have to create content that encourages your audience to perform mention task, you have to draft topics that are lead magnets to your audience.

  • Authoritative posts: Topics of your area or topics you are expert in.
  • True and facts posts: Content backed by data and reports
  • How-to: Tips, tutorials that guide your audience
  • Trending content: Popular and trending topics relevant to your business/industry
  • Infographic: Content converted into a more attractive form
  • Videos: Approx 72% of prospects prefer to watch videos than to read.
Lead Generation Best Practices

We’re presenting some of the best practices in lead generation:

  • Target the right audience: Study your audience-their like, dislike, buying behavior all over their persona. In B2B, your audience could be different people in different departments, how have different interests and pain points.
  • Create lead magnets: Develop content that offers clear and tangible benefits to your audience.
  • Capture the right information: You just need to get the basic information at the initial stage (e.g. name and email address) and as the lead moves down in the funnel, ask for more information that is required in order to provide them a satisfying experience.
  • Segment leads: Based on your own metrics and criteria, sort your leads into a proper segment. It allows you to target the audience in a better way with personalized messages and offers.
  • Blog consistently: Posting content frequently improves your SEO and web presence, it ensures you have enough content to serve your audience.
  • Standardize your conversion rate: Keep improving your conversion rate, don’t stick into one rate. Compare them with competitors and improve.
  • Automate: Marketing automation will greatly help you in lead generation. It put your lead generation in auto-mode by capturing leads from your campaign, scoring them, nurturing them until they convert into a customer.
  • Mobile optimization: Mobile marketing is the next big thing for B2B business. More and more people are opting for mobile for their business journey. Make sure your forms, emails, websites, and ads are optimized for mobile.

These are some of the best B2B lead generation techniques, apply them in your business (if you haven’t till now) and see how it improve your lead generation campaign and result and share with us your experience.


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