T-Mobile Launches Help Desk for Small Business

T-Mobile Launches Help Desk

T-Mobile rolls out a new service called the T-Mobile for Business Help Desk for small businesses. The service is for T-Mobile business customers with T-Mobile One voice service. Currently, it’s starting out small, limiting account to companies with 12 or fewer voice lines on T-Mobile.

This service is basically for the small business which lacks IT support or face issues in IT services. Companies that lacks IT support can get T-Mobile for Business Help Desk for $40 per month per account, with each account having up to 12 lines.


T-Mobile connects you with the US-based tech support team that will provide service seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. to midnight ET. The team can help with business technical problems, like configuration, installation, bugs, unexpected errors, antivirus, as well as hardware issues.

The service is available to get through a toll-free number or through the T-Mobile for Business Help Desk app on the Apple App Store or on Google Play. The support staff can help in a number of ways, either by connecting directly to your computer or mobile device or by leading you through the resolution steps over the phone.

As per Mike Katz (Executive VP of T-Mobile) Business Help Desk will help with installing and configuring antivirus software and with virus removal, it’s not going to support more complex security tasks.

Support for hardware
  • Configure and troubleshoot Wi-Fi routers
  • Connect to wireless printers and smart devices
  • Employees can access on-demand IT support with the app
Assistance with application
  • Set-up and support cloud storage applications
  • Troubleshoot issues with multiple software applications
  • Run PC virus checks and get help with virus removal
Help with software
  • Install and sync software programs
  • Pair smart sensors to networks and devices

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