Smart Tips For Writing Google Adwords Text Ads

Google Adwords

There is no rocket science behind running Google Adwords campaigns, but yes when you want to run your ads effectively expecting good conversion rate, then you need to work a lot. If you are using the Search Only Network for your campaign, then you must also be using Text Ads.

Google Adwords is kind of an auction that Google conducts in which businesses invest and adjust bids with respect to their competitors to rank their ad on top of SERP. The Ad Rank is the basic criteria by which Google decides which ad has to be on the top on SERP.

Ad Rank = Quality of Ads + Bids

To increase the quality of your ad, you must create enticing and compelling ads which compel people to click and see.

Here I am sharing a few tips on how to make your Text Ads more compelling. Let us have a look…

Competitor’s Insight

Even if your ads are working perfectly, never underestimate your competitors. Always keep an eye on the competitors. It is entirely not a matter of concern whether you have just started with Google Ads or using it for years. You can and must always spy on your competitors to know what strategies are they adopting and how to beat them. Have a look on their landing page, know what call-to-action is triggering their ads and not yours. Be sure that you avoid those mistakes what your competitors might be making.

What is different about you?

There are must be other marketers with the same business in which you deal. Look out for the key difference that makes you different from others. Even if the difference is small, do highlight it in your ads. It could be anything unique difference from pricing to product quality. If something is there which makes you special, let your customers know about it.

Offers and Deals

The most attractive way to get clicks is by including special deals in your Google Ads. Include deals that are difficult to find anywhere else. Create enticing offers for your customers like Flat 10% off on the first purchase, or some discount coupons, etc.

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Use Keywords in Ads

Add keywords in your text ads also which are associated with a particular ad group’s keywords. This will highlight the keyword on SERP when somebody makes a search and will result in your ads appearing higher in the search engine.


Use compelling words like ‘Call Now’, ‘Enquiry Now’, ‘Sign Up’ etc call to action in your text ads. This will entice readers to take an action following your ad’s call-to-action.

Create Relevant Landing Page

Your landing page must fit in with the general tone of your product landing page. Try to carry your call to action over into your website. Say, your call-to-action is ‘Sign Up Now’, then your website must contain a pop-up box or subscription form to let the clickers subscribe on it.

Be Specific

You don’t need to be Shakespeare while creating text ads. Remember you have letter limit in-text ads and each character you are using values a lot. You need to be specific with your words and appropriate. You do not have much space.

Use Ad Extensions

Using Ad Extensions will let you make your ad longer with more relevant extra information about your product/services. Broadly there are two types of extension- Manual and Automatic. Manual will let you add site links, phone number, location etc while automatic gets automatically created which includes seller ratings, reviews, and social extension.

Opt for Mobiles

If you have your mobile customers too, then do not forget to take leverage of mobile device feature in Adwords. You can run your campaign for all devices including computers, tablets and mobile or run different campaigns for different devices. Above all, you even raise bid for a particular device, say mobile device.

Perform A/B Testing

Test! Test! Result speaks more than assumption. Keep testing different text ads and when you have relevant information, pause the ads which are not getting served by Google. Find out what works best by creating different versions of your ad.

What other tips do you use for your Google Adwords text ads? Let’s hear it from you.


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