Small Business Hacks: 7 Tips You Must Know

Small Business Hacks

To help entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and turn their dreams into realities, we are presenting some tips or you can say small business hacks that will take your business into the height of success.

Small Business Hacks

Automate and automate

Almost 50% of small business owners spend less than 2 hours a week on automation. Marketing cost is the top reason U.S. small businesses don’t use a marketing automation tool. But there are various low-cost tools that allow sending the right message to the right people at the right time. Some of them are autopilot, drip, marketic, wishpond and many more.

A landing page is your true friend

The landing page not only gives your audience clear guidance on what to perform next and clear calls to action but also makes it easy to purchase.

Be mobile-optimize (friendly)

As per stats, in 2014, mobile e-commerce revenue amounted to $184 billion and they projected to reach $ 700 billion in 2019.

If you are reachable via mobile phone i.e if your website is mobile-friendly or your business has its own mobile app, it makes it easy for your audience to reach you or contact you.

Few thumb swipes can lead to extra money in your bank.

Email marketing is what you need

Hands down email marketing is one of the most preferred channels to get contacted through. 60% of consumers say email is the most personal way brands can target them. You can be in regular touch with them right from when you contacted them first or vice versa, till the end i.e. when they make a purchase from you and after purchase also.

Don’t be shy to remarket

What if your visitors leave your website without making a purchase, as per study 97% of first-time visitors to e-commerce websites leave without making a purchase. Re-target them on social media or via email in order to make the purchase.

Social media is your powerful weapon

Whether it’s Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook or any other social media platform, it’s only gonna help your business. Use social media ad campaigns during the holiday season to make the most of it.

Haven’t used emojis

If you are using emojis in your communication then that’s brilliant, if not, it won’t hurt to at least try. Emojis help in keeping your reader engaged. Use emojis in your subject line to make it more appealing.


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