Slack Review 2019



Slack is cloud-based collaboration software. Single workspace for internal discussions. It provides real-time messages, conversations, calls, and video calls, along with message search and file-sharing. Other aspects of software can be a conversation between multiple groups of people belonging to a specific profession or maybe promoting products among targeted audiences. It helps to connect easily at a single workplace and share media, discussions and save time by avoiding emails.

  • Messaging
  • Video Call
  • File Sharing
  • Project Management
  • Single Workspace
  • Mobile Applications
  • Notifications
  • Search



Why Should We Consider This?

Slack is an easy to use collaboration software. It helps to manage a chat with multiple persons at a single time belonging to a conversation or group. Slack helps you getting rid of multiple email chains and waiting for the response to come and taking it to other colleagues. It simply cuts out the overhead. It works as a single workplace where you can manage chat, calls, video calls,file-sharing along with integrations to other software.

Slack helps you create communities, groups for specific purposes and help them communicate at a single workplace. Talking about the plans and pricing is quite easy and economical for SMBs and mid-sized businesses.

Plans & Pricing

Join one of the steadily growing slack community: Click here to join the community.


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