Email mistakes can be anything from a typo, bad personalization, or a poorly-worded subject line. Some mistakes are less serious, and could even be quite funny, while others may damage the reputation of your brand. In this blog, we will have a look at common mistakes in email marketing. 

Following are few Common Mistakes in Email Marketing

1. Unappropriate Personalization

Personalized emails can create up to 6 times higher transaction rates. But if gone wrong, they leave people confused and do have the opposite effect.


Personalizing your emails with the name of the recipient is considered a great outreach practice. Emails with personalized subject lines can boost response rate by up to 30.5%

2. Missing Attachments

Email marketers spend so much time perfecting the email layout and text, that sometimes the basic elements are missed entirely. Suppose you receive a promotional email from your favorite store and open it. After opening it you realize that they have forgotten to add the discount code or attach the coupon. This will affect the entire email campaign. It is a good practice to always check your attachments and promotions are included before sending.

3. Irrelevant Images

Adding images is a good practice but adding irrelevant ones can mess up your entire email campaign. Suppose you are planning to launch an email campaign on cyber Monday but you have added images of Christmas these images will make your efforts go into vain.

4. Not Testing before Sending

Another one of the most common email marketing mistakes that you can make is sending your emails without testing them. Before you launch your E-mail campaign, it is essential that you test it with your team. As there is a stop button after you press the send button. It is always better to check your campaign before sending it.

5. Neglecting Analytics

Neglecting your analytics and performance data can negatively impact your email marketing effectiveness. You should closely monitor your metrics and performance indicators, such as:

  • Open rates – what is the open rate for your emails, and how does it vary between different email types? For example, if you notice that newsletters get a much higher open rate than product sales, this is saying something important about the email preferences of your customers.
  • Click-through rate – Click rate is defined by how many recipients have opened the email and clicked on the link. Through Click rates, you can measure how engaged your audience is with your email.
  • Unsubscribe rate – The unsubscribe rate measures the satisfaction level of your clients. If the unsubscribe rate is higher then it is because of the high unsatisfied customers. Sending quality content to them frequently will ensure that they remember you and remain satisfied. Sharing relevant information and content about their interest will help you in keeping low unsubscribe rates
  • Conversion – Conversion rate tracks the percentage of users that have actually managed to convert into customers. To track this metric, you need to define your goals, then set them up using your favorite email marketing tools.
  • Bounce rate – When an email doesn’t deliver to the subscriber’s inbox it has probably bounced. 

6. Not Using segmentation

This means that probably not all of your emails are suitable for all of your email subscribers. Let’s say that you are sending an email on how your users can get a better advantage from your product. But what if they haven’t purchased yet? They will not be interested in this email, and it will probably hurt your performance results.

These are few common email marketing mistakes but these can be minimized.


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