Simple Ways to Optimize Website for Generating Leads

Generating leads

There’s no rocket science in generating leads by optimizing website but also it is not as simple as just clicking the send button.

It’s just that marketers or strategist need to take a more strategic approach toward optimizing a website for lead generation


In this post, we are explaining some excellent ways that actually work to optimize a website for generating leads.

Add Forms to the Pages That Get the Most Traffic

It is important to know your current state of a lead generation before you begin to work on it so that you can track the area where you need most improvement or need to work on.

There are some places your business might get visitors. You just need to conduct an audit in order to know where most of your online traffic comes from. Here are some places:

  • Email Marketing: Traffic might come from users who visit your website from one of your emails.
  • Social Media: Traffic might come from users who visited your social media profile (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, etc), or from users who are engaged in a marketing campaign through one of your social media platforms.
  • Blog Posts: Traffic might also come from your blog posts.

Once you identify where your maximum leads are coming from, make sure that pages have everything to attract visitor’s interest.

Let say from your twitter page you are getting a good number of leads. Your next step is to always keep update the page with the engaging content.

You can add various long and short forms (according to your requirement) in order to know more about your visitors and make them feel free to contact you anytime.

Test your every Lead Generator’s Performance

Test every aspect of your business which generate leads( landing page, dynamic content, CTAs). Evaluates them and then find the way to improve your existing content.

For example, you can compare landing page that is doing good with a landing page that isn’t doing good to see how one is different from another. After an evaluation, you can accordingly work on a less effective landing page to make it effective.

Apart from evaluating landing page visits, you could also test various CTA clicks, thank you page shares to determine which one is performing the best and then create more like them.

Begin with a basic CTA on your Homepage

Generally, a homepage is a page where visitors lands firstly. Homepage design is what catches a person’s attention and CTA is a good way to keep that attention alive.

Your homepage is a first page with which a person gets familiar with and you should assist it with basic CTA such as free trial or subscription. Here are two examples of basic CTA for your homepage:

‘Subscribe to Updates’ From browsing experience to purchasing experience, a consumer wants a hassle-free experience. Many a time visitors are not ready to make a purchase when they first find your website.

So to turn them from mere visitor to a customer you have to teach them and encourage them to buy your product without any effort on their part.

You can do this by inviting them to subscribe to your email that notifies them of industry trends and product updates.

‘Free Trials’ Encourage your visitors to subscribe for your services by giving them free trials initially. On your homepage, include a CTA of ‘free trial’ i.e. free trial of your product for a limited time.

At the end of each product trial or product demo, follow up with the user to see what they thought of it. You can also include web forms to collect their information.

Offer Ebook or Whitepaper for Download

Allow your visitors to download an ebook from your website. This increases your visitor interest in your business. Create a blog post that promotes an ebook, wherein your website visitors can more about the same topic they read on your blog.

Through a blog, your website can be rank on Google. Person search something on Google and they end up landing on your blog finding solutions to their problem- making this a type of lead generation.

To start with, find a topic that’s relevant to your industry. Create a blog post around this topic then make a report that gives an insight of this topic. Draft this report into PDF that your blog reader can download using their name or email address.

Develop a live chat service for your website

This can be a major lead generator. Generating leads through live chat, you need to check out which page of your website your visitors spend most of their time on. On that page, you can install a live chat tool. Here visitors can get the information or assistance they want.

This also allows you to collect their information and their product need while answering their questions.

Nurture your Lead

No lead is going to magically or automatically turn into a customer. You have to nurture them from the starting. Identify their need and provide them with a solution.

Once they fill out a form on your landing page, starts the nurturing process and deliver them valuable content that matches their interest.

Lead nurturing should start with follow up emails including various relevant content. Learn about your customer as you grow with your customer and tailor all future campaigns accordingly.

These campaigns guide your leads and turn them into a customer. According to a research, companies that nurture their leads gets 50% more sales-ready leads than companies who don’t nurture. Here are some tips on how to get qualified leads


Generating leads can be tough. Use all the above tips to generate leads and don’t let any lead unattended or unsatisfied, use every opportunity without letting website visitors slip away.


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