Service to Expect from your Marketing Automation Software Provider

Marketing automation software provider

Marketing automation software is an automated system that delivers valuable content through automated email campaigns. In most simple words, marketing automation is a software which helps to perform marketing activities seamlessly.

It performs repetitive task designed by marketers, like sending emails (triggered emails), segmentation, visitor tracker, etc,. It does not only help to design campaign but also tests it. Through A/B testing one can test their work and can make improvement in it.


A good marketing automation package helps businesses to capture and nurture lead effectively. It automatically triggers time-based or action based communications.

Even though automation software is intuitive, there is a certain level of service and support you required from your provider to implement software effectively. Here’s a list of top five services to expect from a marketing automation software provider:


Whether you are newbie or using automation for quite some time now, you can get stuck in between, sometimes you simply don’t remember what action to perform and at that time it’s your service provider who can help you out.

Being a service provider one must be available to provide support to his/her clients. Be sure to select a provider that provide you support during your working hours (real time support).

Details of support service which you’ll be provided should include in your contract. Your provider should offer a service agreement with regards to response time, support ticket.


It is a service for the new clients, it is a process to set up automation system for a client, it is a service for which you have actually paid for. They will configure your platform and you’ll learn everything you need to know to get started with automation software. There will be your onboarding agent to help to learn the things to work hasslefree.

Client Success

During onboarding process, you should define what success means for you and your account manager/ marketing automation manager/ should help you to achieve that. Your account manager is your single point of contact and this person would be your go-to person.

It means whatever issue you facing you have to contact this person, he/she will help you to find the answer to all your problems. As your business grows, they will be helping you to get even more out of the platform.

For this, you might have to pay extra (totally depends on your service provider). As you will be new to your provider, it’s the provider responsibility to help you to fully adopt their platform.

Account Management

Account management can be solely handled by a specific person or by your marketing automation manager. Either way, your marketing automation provider should keep a track record of your account.

Details like renewal date, change of the plan, increase or decrease in the license, etc, should be supervised by the provider team. They have to make sure you’re going to re-sign with them when your contract is about to end.

Continue to Educate

It is important to ask your marketing automation provider about continuing education before you sign. Technology changes at a fast pace so you need to keep yourself update too regarding the changes that are made in your automation software.

What if your new joinee needs a training? The training department of your service provider will train and educate to make sure your new teammate is up and running on time.

It includes refresher courses, new product training or if your marketing automation provider comes up with an entirely new piece of technology, they should be training you on how to use it- without charging any additional penny.

Make sure you look for these services while choosing a marketing automation software provider for your business.


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