SEO Mistakes That can Bring you into Google Penalty List

SEO Mistakes

If you create unique content for your site, you’ll be gifted with a good number of organic results. But if you made any mistake your website will be punished by Google.

Here are six SEO mistakes that could put your URL on Google’s penalty list:

Copying a page/content without taking permission

Whether you were in school or college or in a corporate world copying is something for which you’ll always get punished in some or another way.

Same goes with content copying, if you copy other’s content, Google won’t put you at the top of its ranking.

You will be penalized even for copying a few lines from another page. Duplicate content will show the search engines that your content is not unique. The copied content is already being ranked by Google, therefore, you won’t be getting any value.

Copying will not be going to improve your organic result and you could be reported to Google DMC, legal action can be taken against you if the theft is severe.

If you are liking any line or phrase and want to include in your article, give credit and mentioned the original source.

Misleading Redirect Links

Don’t embed any misleading link, users don’t like being taken to some irrelevant page. If you are adding any link, make sure you are sending your users to a relevant page.  

Keyword Stuffing

When your content is overwhelmed by keywords, you not only could be marked as spam or inauthentic by the audience, but also punished by Google.

Keyword stuffing is usually over-loading a webpage with keywords or phrases over and over again.

Your content is only going to rank for one keyword. Including many keywords will not provide you any result, you ended-up confusing Google to rank your content for which keyword.

If caught keyword stuffing red-handed, Google might revoke your rankings. So use the keyword appropriately.

Duplicate Metadata

Metadata description serves as an additional information user learn about your article before clicking through. If it’s not relevant or enticing enough user will not click to open your main page.

Metadata plays a vital role in determining your SEO rank. If all your metadata is the same it can affect your SEO.

By writing the same metadata you are not telling anything new to your users and this can be detected as ‘duplicate metadata error.’ Write relevant and unique metadata for each and every article.

If you have made any of the above-mentioned SEO mistakes don’t repeat it again, rectify it and improve your ranking.

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