Scale up your Fitness Business with Marketing Automation

Fitness Business

Fitness business is very different from other business, it’s not easy to grow business, increase customers. The main source to increase business is print media, mouth advertising. As a fitness professional, you are challenged with many things: identifying your ideal client, attracting new clients, and maintaining relationships.

So how to get over these challenges?


Leverage marketing automation.

Marketing Automation Gives you more option and scope

By leveraging marketing automation you can save your time by automating certain task allowing your business to grow and can devote more time to your clients.

Marketing automation deploys technology to execute your marketing strategy and to optimize the performance of human as well as automation software.

Marketing automation helps with:

  1. Acquiring your potential clients: The process to develop the interest of strangers in your offerings.
  2. Engaging potential clients: Turn interested clients into a customer by continuously engaging them through your emails. Engagement increases client retention and helps in cross-selling and upselling.
  3. Closing new clients: Engaged successfully results in acquiring more clients.

But, how does it actually help to grow your fitness business?

Marketing automation helps in the same way employees do but with technology instead of people.

Let’s start with the first step:

Acquiring Potential clients:

It is a lead generation process. With the right tool, you can start to generate leads with deal creation and notification. Your deals can be added automatically and you can set the automation to notify you or your team members.

Engaging potential clients:

With the help of automation you can engage your clients. It can be based on their behavior, you can monitor contact’s behavior using:

  • Page visits on your website
  • Links that the click
  • Campaign Opens
  • Purchasing behavior

These are some of the indicators that indicate their behavior and you can use them to learn about a prospect or current client’s interests.

The information you collected about a lead with the help of that you can provide engaging, personalized content. This content will help you to build your relationship with clients and position you as an expert in the area of fitness they are interested in.

For example, if you see someone repeatedly engaging with a content about weight loss, you can send them more content regarding weight loss or around the topic. Similarly, if someone is engaged with content regarding muscle gain, you would follow up with them with relatable content.

Closing new clients:

Nurture the leads you have generated in order to turn them into clients. Focus on your strategy when deciding on a plan to action. Nurture them until they trust you enough to buy your product/service.

A nurturing process consists of a number of emails that are sent via automation. The purpose of these emails is to educate leads on fitness and how you can help them to achieve their goal. Then depending upon how to engage your leads are you can send another email campaign to further nurture or re-engage them.

Let technology help you to grow your fitness business

Marketing automation is a tool. It is a way you can boost your efficiency to increase your business, make your automation technology to act as your employees.Get focused and take your fitness business to the next level.


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