Pros and Cons of Chatbot


We are on a constant lookout for new technology that enhances your business productivity and revolutionizes the online marketing experience and customer service experience.

A chatbot is one of that technology. Chatbots, some love them and some hate them but are they good for your business?


A chatbot is an automated interacting system that communicates with people on your behalf.

Chatbots are software that can be programmed to respond to people’s queries.

“A user interface which can be plugged into a number of data sources via APIs so it can deliver information or services on demand, such as weather forecasts or breaking news.”- TechWorld.

They can be an asset to your business, but they can also be a hindrance.

We’re breaking down chatbot pros and cons for businesses, this might help your business decide if it’s worth investing in chatbot technology

Here are the pros and cons of chatbots.


Always available

Unlike human agents, chatbots don’t ask for holidays, because they don’t fall sick and have no emotional or mental issues.

Reduce employees expenses

It reduce labor costs like money spent on employee benefits, PFs, increment, and other similar expense. Chatbots don’t need any extra investment. They can be a part of the commonly used apps.

Shorter response time

It provides faster customer service, they provide a rapid and targeted response. There’s no waiting on a human to look it up and then give a response.  

Increase customer satisfaction

When your customer gets a satisfactory & quick response, and speedy service, they’ll be happier, more satisfied, and return again.

Platform availability

Chatbots are available on a variety of different platforms making them adaptable to your business and easy to integrate.


Cannot handle the unpredictable query

Humans and their behavior are absolutely unpredictable, so do the query. It lacks the smartness or you can say intelligence.

Missing human touch

One of the biggest drawbacks of a chatbot is the lack of human touch and emotion which can cause trust issues.

Limited response

Not all customers will get the answers they are searching for. As the complexity increases the productivity of chatbot decreases.  

They can make mistake 

Sometimes bots can get confused by the user’s request and make mistakes because they are not human and cannot improvise the communication/answer if and when needed.

Limited audience

Not all businesses can use it, if your customer base is older and doesn’t come under millennials they will likely be resistant to new forms of communications i.e. chatbots.

It’s true that using chatbots in some businesses is a good way to lower costs and increase profits. But do consider all of the pros and cons before adding chatbots to your business.


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