What is Progressive Profiling and Why Agencies Need It?

Progressive Profiling

In the first meeting with someone, you wouldn’t ask a very personal message, like their salary or question regarding personal life, right? The same goes for your web forms. You don’t want to make people uncomfortable by asking personal questions at the first time they come to your site.

But a marketer knows that forms are one of the keys to conversions. Because if you don’t show interest in them, in return they don’t get engage with you and if they don’t get engaged, they are not going to turn from prospects into leads.

So the concern is how do you going to maintain a balance of asking enough (but not too many) questions?

The answer is progressive profiling.

Progressive profiling is a way to know about lead slowly and gradually. It let you capture the right information (or we can say right amount of information) at the right time from the leads so that you can turn that first date/conversation into a second.

Over a number of conversations you’ll get the data you need to keep them engaged and they won’t feel like you are pressuring them for the information they won’t feel like to give.

How Does It Work?

First time when a visitor visits your site and fills out a form on a website landing page, they are required to answer a few form fields only. Next time when a visitor fills out a form, replace the form fields with new fields in order to gain additional information.

Progressive profiling enables you to design forms that have questions based on the information you have about a lead. It only shows those field whose data is unknown in other words if you already have information for a specific field, the field will be replaced with one that is required to fill.


It let you make the most out of each visit your visitor makes on your site. Instead of collecting same data every time, progressive profiling collect new information at every visit lead makes to your site.

How it is useful for the agency

Agency being the third party required detail knowledge about leads to build an appropriate campaign. Through progressive profiling agency would be able to know about prospect; their like dislike, preferences, etc, over a period of time.

Here are three main benefits of using progressive profiling for the agency.

Shorter Forms

Short form attract people if you keep your form short and simple people would be more willing to fill it. Progressive profiling is a way to build short forms without missing any important information about lead.

Progressive field avoids repetition whether it is of leads or questions. If you ask the same question every time, it will annoy them. Furthermore, asking the same questions will be useless for you since you already have that information of lead.

Proper lead nurturing

With progressive profiling agency will be able to nurture lead appropriately. An agency will have all the required information about lead because of progressive profiling, it captures exact information needed at right time.

More information on leads

Getting personal information about lead can be tough. Marketing information track prospect’s behavior so that you can see what content leads are downloading or which page they are visiting more, but there are some questions whose answer can’t be trace and you simply need to ask from the prospect. You can’t put all those questions on the single form, progressive profiling let you ask questions gradually over time.

Setting up progressive profiling in Sales-Push.com can be done in simple steps. It is easy to start not just progressive profiling but whole marketing automation journey with us.

If you are considering marketing automation, connect with us, get a live demo today to see tons of features.



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