Process to Export Google Calendar to Outlook and Apple

Export Google Calendar to Outlook and Apple

Earlier, Google used to have a nice synchronization feature that automatically adds Google Calendar to Outlook. It means if you want to switch from Google to Microsoft, you could shut down Google Calendar and find the whole history in Outlook.

But Microsoft layoff its Outlook Calendar sync utility years ago, but you can still connect Outlook to Google Calendar. We’ll explain how.


If you want to drag your Google Calendar over to Outlook or Apple, you have to do it manually. Don’t worry, it’s not a tough task.

Export the Google Calendar into Outlook

To export Google Calendar to Outlook, you’ll first have to export it from Google Calendar itself to a file.

Log in to your Gmail Account then select Calendar.

Choose My Calendar > Settings.

Then scroll down and click Export Calendar. It will be download as a zip folder and the default file name will be your email address, but you can change it.

Your zip folder will contain all the data but if you don’t want to import all of them, you can choose the .ics files you want while unzipping the folder.

Now you’re ready to import Google Calendar into Outlook.

Go to the File, choose Open and then Import/Export. 

Either choose Import an iCalendar (.ics) or vCalendar file (.vcs). Press Next and select the calendars you wish to import.

Export Google Calendar to Outlook and Apple

To check, go to your Outlook calendar, you will now see your Google Calendar events there.

Import Google Calendar to Apple Calendar

The process of importing Google Calendar to an Apple Calendar is quite easy because you don’t need to export your Google Calendar first.

On your iPhone or iPad open the Setting app and scroll down to Calendars. Choose Add Account then select Gmail and switch On the Calendar.

Export Google Calendar to Outlook and Apple

All the calendars that you have on Google Calendar will be now on your Apple device. If you don’t want to import all of them, you can choose the calendars you want to export.

When you open your calendar on your iPhone or iPad, you might have to wait a few minutes for syncing to complete, but you will find that all your events are imported.


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