How can you identify problems in a digital marketing campaign?

How can you identify problems in a digital marketing campaign?
How can you identify problems in a digital marketing campaign?

Digital Marketing is quite a well known terms in today’s time because most of the businesses either small scale or large scale doing promotions of there product and services digitally to enhance there visibility but do you think that everyone is getting same level outcome the answer is No. Running Digital marketing campaign is not the only way to get more return on investment running it properly with changes are the best practice.Like we can say the more you do practice the more you get result but if you want instant result we will help you in that through this blog.

We will discuss some ways how we can identify problem in our digital marketing campaign to get better result on the investment.


1.Track your Performance


Track your performance
Track your performance


All the companies are running ads digitally and everyone is tracking there performance but everyone is doing the same but what we can do different so many people have discussed this.There are many tools also like Google Analytics,Facebook ad manger etc.

Website analytics

Effective digital marketing goes beyond investment; it depends on precise ad analysis. Assess performance based on demographics, timing, and engagement to optimize your strategy for success.

Conversion rate

Sometimes you can get sudden hike in your leads and sudden downfall you must search for the reason why this happened then you will get the answer work on that.Try to notice the pattern.

Performance metrics

This include both social media and the running ads this will help you to measure how many pay per clicks,likes,comments,lead done the enquiry through whatsapp automation keep the funnel.

2.Validate your assumptions

Creativity in digital marketing is just like a keystone of thinking.After making a plan, the real magic happens through experimentation. Testing various thoughts is the most important part to review it.

Test your assumption

If you thought of any idea of digital marketing then after experimentation review it like how it perform does it matches the industry goal.

Do A/B Testing


Do different types of ad campaign at different times with different demographics gives you a lot statistical data to see the results of your assumptions through A/B Testing.

3.Analyse competitor’s behaviour 

Before running Digital marketing campaigns anything always study about your competitors what strategy they are doing what are there flaws,good things.
Always do study from scratch and then make do planning.Always try to know 3 P of your competitors:

3 Ps
3 Ps


Study there Business

Study there online presence how they are booming the market,study there website deeply,there running ads,there platform try to find out gaps in that so that you can use some of there ideas and correct all other mistake in your ad.

Insights of optimization


Always set your goal above your competitors and always in approach to achieve it and try to know there failure and how they overcome with it.This will help you learn from them.Always optimize your digital ads according to results to drive 10x sales.

4.Feedback and Support

Its always well said that taking out different opinions and experience give best results.If you gathering feedback from your teammates and customers there data will help you to think as buyers persona.

Customer Feedback and expert support

Always remain open to listen your flaws if customers are giving you feedback think according to it if you start thinking acceding to there thought process then your ads will boom in the marketing.

Expert support

Expert are those who are the champions of there field on a regular basis try to take help what is going to come in trend about the market this will help you to grow.

Partner with Team members

Try to utilise the expert skills of your team members use it and do brainstorming sessions which help you to think in every area and then take a collaborative decisions.


In today’s digital era of businesses where everything is being promoted on digital platform but not everyone is at top or in profit most are in loss also because no one is ready to know there flaws.To improve your digital marketing campaign must focus on the tracking the results knowing about the analytics,think beyond the assumption because every think in mind created and properly executing it must.Know about your competitors very cleverly and clearly.Take feedback and support from the customers and team members.



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