Pop-Up Mistakes to Avoid

Pop-Up Mistakes

Popups can have a huge impact on the development of your business if designed and used properly. The main aim of the popup is to ask a visitor to become your subscriber i.e. conversion. It can either improve your conversion rate or hinder it, it totally depends on how you use them.

Do you know 20-50% of website visitors will provide your their detail when good popup form is used? Because good popup doesn’t annoy website visitors and converts better.

One study shows that popup can increase conversion rate by more than 1000%

By avoiding some common pop-up mistakes, you can create a good popup that is well designed with relevant content and proper implementation.

In order to have a good popup avoid these 5 common pop-up mistakes.

Poor Popup show time

Timing is one of the core factors for a good popup. If a popup appears too soon you will interrupt your visitor in knowing your brand and if it appears too late you might lose your potential customer.

So what’s the best time? 10 second? 20 second? Or 30 second?

Let me tell you there’s no standard time. The right time to show popup varies from site to site. In order to determine your perfect time to show popup take a look at the average time spent by a visitor on your website in your analytics then according set your popup time. Generally, the best practice is to set 60% of the average spent time on the site. Just set the time that benefits both-visitor and you.

Asking too many details

Visitors will only share their information when they have trust in you and a good popup can help you to build their trust. One of the features of the good pop up is to ask fewer details.

Users are reluctant to give too much information in the beginning. So it better to include less field in the form, the less you ask the more visitor will opt-in.

According to the nature of your business determine the fields which you should request your subscribers to fill. For a one-step popup, the best practice is to request only the email address.

For multi-step popups, you can ask for more information like first name, company name, contact details, etc.

Irrelevant Popup Content

Regardless of how beautifully your popup is designed if your offer is not enchanting enough you won’t get the conversion. The offer should be relevant to your visitor and exciting enough to compel them to fill the details.

Along with relevancy, there should be some value to be offered, you should deliver what you have promised to deliver, otherwise, you’ll end up disappointing them.

DON’T make the mistake of creating a generic pop-up for the site (for all your visitors). These fail to provide a customized and targeted message.

Incorrect Frequency

No doubt popups are a powerful and effective marketing tool but only if used in a certain limit. If you display popup on every page of your website you’re bound to annoy many more people than you’ll convert.

Marketers who think that more frequently a popup appears, more benefit it will bring to the website, having a totally wrong misconception, it will leave your visitor annoyed and eventually they’d leave your website.

Using full-page popup without any close button

Using a full-page popup will definitely grab your visitor’s attention but not in a positive way. It is more disruptive than attractive.

Don’t create a popup that completely blocks users from accessing the content. There are many different kinds of pop-ups you can use that don’t cover the whole screen, such as floating-bar, sidebar, inline and side-in pop-ups with the close button (x).

Effective popup offers relevant content to the right people at the right time which ultimately helps in capturing leads and convert them into a customer. Just avoid above mentioned pop-up mistakes and optimize your popup.



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