How to Personalized Campaign beyond the ‘First Name’

personalized campaign

Hello (contact.firstname)

This is the most common way every marketer use to start their personalized campaign.


As we all know email is becoming one of the most dominant marketing channels. It help to reach out to target audience, acquire them and retain them, it is important to treat your prospect/customer as a significant asset. One of the best ways to do so is by considering them as a part of your brand rather than just a name on your mailing list.

Thus personalization should not be restricted to subscriber first name only. Here are other ways to personalize your marketing campaign or personalization alternate which you can include in your campaign marketing strategy.

Improved Segmentation

Segmenting your database on certain predefined rules help you to improve your personalized campaign. By dividing your database into various segment you would be able to cater every segment individually, based on that segment behavior, need, tastes and preferences.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic content changes based on viewer action and behavior. It allows you to deliver customized information that suits each of your prospect needs and interests.

As people meet criteria you set for your dynamic content, a variety of content will display i.e. relevant content to the viewer.

For example, a person from sports segment (Football) would get content related to his/her field. Similiarly, another person from same segment i.e sport (Cricket) would receive content related to cricket.

Recommended Emails

On the basis of customer past purchase, behavior, browse history, etc, marketers can send them recommended email. In this email marketers can recommend something to them.

In this way, you can make the customer feel that their presence on your brand is noticed and you are concerned about them.

Location-based event notification

If your company organize events in a various location you can send them notification of the same. It helps you to reach to more people and aware more people about your product/service.

Informing about the event in advance through an attractive copy of notification would build a sense an excitement among people. They would be more interested in your brand or to know about your brand.


It feels good when someone acknowledges you and your presence; your subscribers desire the same from your emails. Even though list segmentation and dynamic content are passive forms of personalization, both are amongst the most effective ones.

So, apart from mentioning names in the starting, you can now personalize your campaign in other ways too.


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