OneDrive Review 2019

OneDrive content management softwares

OneDrive back in 2007 was introduced only as file synchronization and sharing software known as SkyDrive. With consistent efforts of the developers and the whole team has now emerged.

OneDrive has now emerged as a cloud-based storage and content management software. It has provided ways to organizations to share and work over the cloud at the same time and help teamwork grow rapidly.


Microsoft’s OneDrive provides the flexibility to edit, share and access files and documents in real-time. It helps teamwork grow in remote places. Allowing users to tag photos makes the search easier. It also provides notifications on a real-time basis to show the status of edit, shares and any changes made by the user or file owner at any specific time.

  • Calendar
  • Word
  • Search Option
  • Advanced Synchronisation with files
  • Free up to 5 GB Storage Plan
  • Edit and add annotations to files
  • Mobile Applications
  • DLP Prevention and Security
Why Should  We Consider This?

Onedrive is a Microsoft product which helps to manage content over the cloud and share collaborate with the team. It made easy to work remotely with other teams and share, edit the over the same files at a similar time.

OneDrive storage software also offers a free plan to its customers comprising up to 5 GB memory storage. Advanced plans incorporate security and backup features. These features are essential for large organizations in order to get the backup of their access data from time to time.

It also provides the feature of setup link expiry to the shared documents, in order to prevent any misuse of the account from an outsider. One can view who has edited the file last in order to keep a check on the logs and details if required. OneDrive has a plan for SMBs and mid-sized companies which is a free plan with 5GB storage. They also have a second storage plan of $2 approx provides with 50 GB upgraded memory.


Plans & Pricing


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