Nimble Launch Email Tracking Tab

Email Tracking Tab

Nimble has launched its Email Tracking tab so that you can monitor and follow the conversations you are having with your team members, prospect and customers no matter where you are.

The Email Tracking tab is currently available only for iOS users, let you see a whole conversation of your tracked email on your mobile phone.


Nimble is a social sales and marketing CRM tool and pipeline manager for mobile teams and professionals expressly designed for small businesses.

Nimble tab feature enables the small business to track an important conversation at any given point of time. The tab on iOS device becomes a single source for relevant conversation so you won’t waste time scrolling inbox.

This allows you to respond to messages quickly and efficiently from anywhere.

In the words of Jon Ferrara (CEO of Nimble)  “The single most effective way to kill a deal is neglecting to understand people’s needs and failing to deliver expedient, relevant responses. We designed Nimble Mobile as a personal CRM that you can take with you everywhere you work, so you’re better prepared to manage personal business relationships at scale and take appropriate steps to evolve opportunities to help you grow.”

The company says Android users can expect Mobile 3.0 by the end of 2018.


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