Microsoft partner with Upwork for New Freelancer Toolkit

Microsoft Freelancer Toolkit

Microsoft has come into a partnership with Upwork for its Microsoft 365 Freelance Toolkit. This toolkit provides tools, templates, and practices that help enterprises launch, execute, and manage freelance programs.

On the blog of Upwork, Stephane Kasriel (CEO of Upwork) said, “Technology and changing worker preferences are driving demand for new skills and sources of talent. Enterprises are increasingly struggling to attract highly specialized talent at a time when speed and agility are more important than ever before.”


Kasriel added, “By partnering with Microsoft, we’re empowering enterprises to build effective workforce models that enable them to be more agile, innovate faster and create opportunities for growth. Enterprises can embrace workforce change by engaging the right talent where they are, hiring them on-demand in a few hours instead of a few months and helping their teams get more work done.”

Freelancing is a process to quickly hire skilled professionals and make them part of the organization for a certain specific period of time.

Peter Loforte, General Manager for Microsoft Office, said the company embraced the freelance model to “Increase efficiencies and access the expertise of freelancers from around the world.”

Paul Estes, Senior Director of Content Strategy for Microsoft Office, added, “Our journey toward embracing a freelance talent program was born out of a need to scale specific programs.”

The new partnership is now offering a limited beta release of Ready-made Projects to a select number of customers.

This will include six custom-ready projects featuring Microsoft-related skills such as Power BI, Sharepoint, Microsoft Flow, as well as presentation enhancement, content writing, and infographics.


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