Mautic Support: Lead Scoring

lead scoring

Lead scoring is a modal that helps to score your leads based on certain things such as demographics, behavior, region, social media presence, last activity on the website, and more. 

Automatically assign points to leads based on demographic and/or activity information to identify qualified prospects and sales-ready leads for your sales team. 


It is a way to weigh contacts properly. These points have both triggers and actions. 

Manage Action

Set a lead scoring rule based on a visitor’s activity. These activities can be either positive or negative, based on the action you can increase or decrease the points. 

Go to the Point> Manage Actions> and define the condition and points, once done Appy and Save & Close. 

The other part of the points system is the triggers. They are explained next.

Manage Triggers 

It is an action that is based on the total achieved points of contact. When a contact reaches a minimum number of points, the point trigger is fired and an action is performed. It includes modifying contact’s campaign, modifying contact’s segments, send emails, etc, based on points earned. 

Go to the Point> Manage Triggers> + New. Fill the name, description, define the score that will trigger the events. 

To define the triggered events, Go the Events tab and select the event from the ‘Add an event’ list. 

Apply the changes and Save & Close.  

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