Mautic Support: How To Create Mautic Web Form

How To Create Mautic Web Form

A webform, also known as HTML form, is an online page that allows for user input. Website forms are an important part of the marketing automation system. 

Mautic Form lets you add any fields and collect any information you want from your users. Once you created a form you can then define what step you want to take after the user fills the form, like you want to provide them ebook after successful submission of the form, an email newsletter, or a Thank you message, etc.  


There are two types of forms in Mautic. 

Campaign Form: can push a contact directly into a campaign but all the actions will be controlled by the Campaign Builder. 

Standalone Form: can push a contact into a segment, but not into a campaign directly and you can perform actions at the time or after the submission. 

Form Fields

A form can have as many fields as required. 

How To Create Mautic Web Form

Installed the Mautic system, once you have installed, you are ready to go. From the main menu in Mautic, click Components>Forms. 

In the upper right, click +New to create a new form. You’ll ask to select a form type you want to create i.e. Campaign Form or Standalone Form.

Once you select form type, you’ll land to a page where there are three tabs: Details, Fields, and Actions, plus some additional options in the right sidebar. 

Fill all the required details, click on the Apply and then Save & Close to close it successfully. 

Now that you’ve created a form, you can embed it on your website. To do this, go to the main menu again, select Components>Forms then click the form you want to add to your website. From there, you’ll see a turquoise colored block (on the upper right) that says “Form HTML”.

There are two options: manual and automatic, choose as per your wish, I’ll always prefer automatic. 

To add a form, just copy and paste the embed code from Mautic into the HTML of your website. Depending on what platform you are using for your website, the pasting process will differ. 

Once your form is live, you can view the results of form completions over time in Mautic.

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