Mautic Support: How To Create Landing Page

How to create Landing Page 

Mautic offers some amazing pre-built landing page template that is, of course, generic to all Mautic users but if you want you can create your templates to make your content stand out. 

Build mobile-friendly landing pages for each of your offers and campaigns with full tracking capability that allows you to measure and drive conversion. 


There are other great features in Mautic Landing Pages, such as AB testing, multilingual pages, etc. 

How to create Landing Page 

Installed the Mautic system, once you have installed, you are ready to go. From the main menu in Mautic, click Components>Landing Pages. 

In the upper right, click +New to create a new Landing Page. You’ll be prompted to choose among the pre-designed template or you can choose a blank template and create your own. Along with this, there are some additional options in the right sidebar. 

Select your template option and go to the Builder to design the landing page. There will be four broad sections: Slot types, Section types, Customize Slot and Customize Section. Under these sections, various editable drag and drop options are there wherein one can make editing easier. 

Once done click Apply. A public preview will be generated through which you can see how your landing page will look. 

Unpublish a page

The landing pages can be unpublished and published again. Simply click on Yes / No or set publish/unpublish date. Unpublishing a page means that contacts will no longer able to see a page instead see the 404 messages (page not found).

Redirect when a page is unpublished

Mautic allows you to configure a 301 (permanent) or a 302 (temporary) redirect. The redirects will work if the page is unpublished.

Note: When you are logged in as a Mautic administrator, you will always see the page content even though it is unpublished. But if you log out of Mautic or open the page in an incognito window to emulate access of normal contact, you will be able to see the 404 messages or the redirect if configured. 

Mautic 2.13 enables you to prevent a page from appearing in a search engine by adding new option Block search indexing with noindex

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