Mautic Landing Pages

Mautic Landing Pages

Mautic landing pages are powerful features and critically important to most businesses. Using Mautic landing pages can give us insight into what kind of content your contacts are interested in.

Using forms, focus items, dynamic content, etc on your landing can help to get more information about your visitors. 

In this way, businesses can make a good impression among their audience that stands out. 

It is easy to design and create a landing page on Mautic by using its built-in landing page builder. Easily drag-and-drop texts, images, and other items to move and delete sections. 

Mautic Landing Pages Basics 


Mautic has several pre-designed in-built themes. These themes are editable, you can choose colors, images, etc of your own choice. 

If users don’t want to use Mautic’s theme that may create a landing page out of the Mautic and put an HTML code in Mautic’s code mode theme. 

Landing Page Builder

Slot types 


Inside this box, there are many editing options available like undo, redo, insert the link, insert image & video, insert token, code mode and many more. 

To add focus item or form on landing page use token {focus=id} or { form=id}. 


To make more advanced changes, you can use code mode within a text slot. Once done making changes in code mode, click the </> icon again to return to normal view before saving. Otherwise, changes won’t be applied. 


You can add an image in an image slot. Use formatting option to customize your image, like adjust the size of the image, add alternate text, etc. 

Image Card

Mautic Landing Pages

Image cards are similar to the image slot type but here you get more options in the Customize Slot section in the editor panel. 


The only difference between this and image card is background colors. The image+caption slot type does not include backgrounds. 


This slot helps to add a call to action on your landing page. The Customize Slot in the editor gives options to change the border-radius (curved edges instead of straight), adding custom text and a link, size, position, and colors for the button and text.

Social Sharing

This allows to share your content on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. This adds social share buttons on your landing page. 

Social Follow 

Mautic Landing Pages

This slot lets you add links to follow your company’s page on Twitter, Facebook, etc. 

Code Mode

If you want to create a slot entirely on HTML, use code mode slot to write your code in the editor.


A very basic design element, this is a line that separates parts of your landing page.

Video/ Gated Video

Mautic Landing Pages

It is a good source to keep the audience engaged and also to gather more information about your contacts. To do that you can add form in the middle of the video. To proceed to see the video they must fill the form.

Once the form appears, the contact won’t be able to continue watching the video until he or she has submitted the form.

Video URL: URL of the video 

Gate Time: At what time (in seconds) you want the form to appear after the video starts. 

Form: The Mautic form you would like to add in the video. 

Width and Height: The amount of space you’d like the video to consume on your landing page.

Padding Top and Bottom: The amount of extra space you’d like to leave above and below the video. 

Dynamic Content

It is one of the good ways to provide a personal experience to your contacts. To add dynamic content on your landing page, create dynamic content (if you’ve not created) and add that here. 

You can add sections with up to three columns, and have multiple slots within each section/column. 

In the customized section you’ll get many options. 

Content Background Color: It is for the background within the area where you have content.

Wrapper Background Color: It is for the rest of the background – extending to the edges of the page.

Background Images: You can add a background wrapper image here, enter the URL for that image in the third box. 

Wrapper Background Size: The wrapper background-size enables you to determine how large the wrapper really is. If you want to have some space above, below, or around the edges of the content, you can set those dimensions here.

Check out the video on How to create a landing page and an article on the same.


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