Mautic Issues

Mautic issues

While working on Mautic it is possible you face issues. Here we are mentioning some of the generic Mautic issues and their solutions. 

Mautic issues

Unable to track email open action 

Emails are being tracked by tracking pixels. When an email is opened by a client like Outlook or Gmail, the client tries to load images added in it. Mautic uses the image load request to track the email open action.


If the images are not loaded for any reason then Mautic doesn’t know about the open action and won’t consider it as an opened email. Therefore, email open tracking is not 100% accurate. 

Email links are not getting tracked

There are certain things you need to make sure if your email clicks don’t get tracked. 

  • Tracking doesn’t work on the localhost, therefore, your Mautic server should be on public URL. 
  • Make sure your URL should start with http:// or https://. 
  • Mistakenly you have open the link in the incognito browser. Refer to Page Troubleshooting for more information. 
  • Make sure the link in a URL has been replaced by the Mautic’s tracking link. 
Unsubscribe link doesn’t work 

The unsubscribe link doesn’t work in testing. That’s why test emails are sent to Mautic users and not to a Mautic contact because Mautic users cannot be unsubscribed. 

Here are two other tips that can help you to work smoothly on Mautic. 

If you are facing Mautic issues and unable to fix it, signup for our support plan


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