Mautic Getting Started

Mautic Getting Started

Mautic Getting Started

Mautic is an open-source marketing automation software available for small businesses and large businesses. Who are looking to get into marketing automation can install Mautic in on their own website or server.

There are two options, you can either download Mautic and set it up on your own server or you can use a hosted version of Mautic. 


Let’s see how to get started with Mautic.

Download/Install Mautic 

Mautic is available as a zip file to download or install through some other source (Softaculous, Bitnami, etc.). You need to upload the Mautic zip file on your server, unzip the files and then navigate to that location on your browser. 

For example, your domain is and you have unzipped the Mautic zip file into a folder called ABC. To start the installation process you need to browse to

Add Cron Jobs

All non-tech people like me must be wondering what a Cron job is? Let me explain to you in the easiest way. 

In a broad sense, the Cron job is a command for scheduling a repetitive task. It allows automating certain commands or scripts on your operating system or application server to complete repetitive tasks automatically. 

Now come to How to Add Cron Job. 

After you have installed Mautic, you need to create Cron jobs to let your Mautic software run various tasks. Cron jobs can be created through cPanel or you can add them through the command line. 

You can create Cron jobs for updating contacts, creating segments sending campaigns, etc. 

To know more about Cron jobs, refer to Mautic Documentation

Download the IP Lookup service database 

By default, Mautic is configured to MaxMind’s free GeoLite2 IP lookup database. You need to download it because it doesn’t include in Mautic package. Click on the cogwheel in the upper right hand of Mautic to view the Admin menu then click Configuration.

Mautic Getting Started

On the System Setting tab, go to the Configuration> Miscellaneous Settings and click the “Fetch IP Lookup Data Store.” 

Mautic Getting Started

You could also prefer another supported IP lookup service if you want. 

Install the Tracking Javascript

Once you are done with the IP Lookup service database, now you need to add javascript or tracking pixel to the websites for each site you wish to track via Mautic. 

If you are looking for Mautic support check out our Mautic Support Plan.


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