Mautic Email Builder

Mautic Email Builder

Mautic is a great tool for automation campaigns. But what about sending emails with Mautic? 

The majority of marketers rely on email as their primary medium to communicate with prospects and customers. 


Emails work as a direct channel to interact with potential customers and clients. 

If you don’t know what Email is, it’s in and out, and not sure how to use Mautic email builder, this post is for you. It will guide you in a very simple way.

In Mautic, emails can be created in both HTML and basic text format, as per the requirement. 

I’ve also published a video and an article “Mautic Support – How To Create an Automated Email Campaigns.” 

Mautic Email Types 

There are two types of emails: Template Email and broadcast Email. 

Mautic Email Builder

Template Emails

Template emails are more of a transactional email and it can be used in campaigns as a marketing email, form submission action, point triggers, etc. 

Mautic offers several ways to use it. These can be sent to the same contact as many times as required. 

Segment Emails

These are the marketing emails by default like newsletters or informative emails. A segment is assigned to the email which will determine which contact receives the emails.

You just have to simply design an email, select the segment and schedule to send. If you want to send it immediately then just click “Schedule”. Otherwise, if you want to schedule it for the future date then set a date and time and click “Schedule.” 

Once you’ve sent a segmented email and any new contact added to that segment, Mautic won’t automatically send that segmented email to the new contacts. Instead, you have to re-send the emails.

Each contact can receive the email once. That means you can send it as many times without the same contact getting the same content again. 

Email Basics


Mautic email builder has various themes that are editable and have drag and drop feature. You can change the color, image, font, and more. Users can also use Code Mode Theme to create emails entirely in HTML. 

General Option

Subject: This is what your contact will see in their inbox as a subject line. 

Internal Name: The name display in your email list and selection menu. 

Contact Segment: Choose the segment you want to send email to. 

Category: You can categorize your emails based on their goals, segments, etc. Learn more about it

Language & Is a translation of: Select a language you want to create an email in. if you have already created you can translate it into another language. 

Published Option: The Yes/No toggle is a way to publish or unpublish an email. If it’s unpublished, an email won’t be sent. 

Unsubscribe feedback form: If contact wants to unsubscribe from an email, display the selected form on the unsubscribe page. 

Preference Center Page: A preference center lets your contacts tell you how they want to communicate with you. Learn more about it

Google Analytics UTM tags: You can use UTM tags in emails and landing pages. 

Advanced Tab

mautic email builder

From name and address: Set the from name and address of the email. 

Reply-to address: Leave blank to use from address but if reply should go to a different mailbox than the enter that email address here. 

BCC Address: Set a BCC address to receive a copy of every email sent. 

Attachments: You may attach an asset that you have created on Mautic like e-book, newsletter, PDF, etc, to the email. Once it’s downloaded, you can track for reporting, scoring, and more. 

Plain text version: Use the Mautic email builder to customize your email’s HTML. The plain text version strips out HTML when a recipient’s email service provider doesn’t accept HTML messages. 

Email builder

To design an email, Mautic offers a plethora of options, from text editing to images, to code mode and many more. 

I have explained all the terms in my previous article, you can check it out here. Might be there some changes but the concept is the same. 

Hope this article will help you if you are facing any issue while creating an email. 

For any other assistant, you can directly reach out to us at 


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