Marketing Automation+Video= Double Power to SMBs

Marketing Automation+Video

I believe I’d not be wrong if I say that it is now a well-established fact how marketing automation is a must-have and one of the most beneficial software for business and especially for SMBs, as it is a software that connects you with thousands of leads with a personalized touch.

The following stats will make you more realize the power of the marketing automation platform.

  • 80 percent of marketing automation user sees an increase in leads.
  • 77 percent see an increase in conversion rate.
  • Only 29 percent said they had issues or delays in getting results.

If we talk about the video, there’s no denying that video is taking over the world and video marketing is in a boom. People prefer to watch videos instead of reading blogs or emails regarding product overview or company info.  

  • Video accounts for 70 percent of internet traffic.
  • Last year 50 percent of people watched 10 plus hours of online video/month.
  • Video increases the email click-through by 200-300 percent
  • Increase web traffic by 41 percent
  • Grow revenue 49 percent faster.
Misconception about both

Marketing AutomationThere’s a misbelief about MAP among business owners and marketers that it requires highly technical knowledge to work on the software.

Contract to this belief, a MAP is a software that can be work on by a non-technical person, it doesn’t require any coding skill or so.

You just have to put certain rules to get certain results. Using automation for business saves thousands of working hours per year, that you can invest in some other productivity task.

VideoJust like other beliefs, video to have a common but false misconception that you need specialized knowledge/expertise, a large budget and advanced tools to produce quality videos.

But if you don’t want a highly professional video then video editing software is just perfect for you. Even now most of the smartphones have built-in high definition video editing software. These tools automatically create a video with minimal human effort.

While the quality and the value of a professionally created video cannot be replaced by a video editing tool but producing an average likable video is possible for any business.

Marketing Automation+Video = Unbeatable Duo

Combining video and marketing automation software can give small businesses an amazing result. As video attracts lead, marketing automation helps to convert those leads into a customer.

You can use video and marketing automation together in many ways or as you wish to use them. Here I am discussing the three most effective ways.

Capture Leads

Video can be a great source to collect contact information. Via video one can collect information from the website visitors or other online pages such as landing pages, newsletters, etc.

Once the information is collected, a marketing automation tool automatically records and store the data to a central database, you don’t have to do it manually.

You can place a contact form next to your video so that visitors can easily fill-up the form once they are done up with the video.  

You can also embed ‘form’ in your video so that visitors can directly fill that form.

Whichever tactic you opt, both encourage the visitors to fill the form and lead to a high conversion rate.

Nurture Leads

It is not mandatory that all your leads are sales-qualified leads. As per the study, 96 percent of the visitors who visit your website aren’t ready to make a purchase.

Obviously, you are not going to ignore them, right?

Once you have the lead’s information you can nurture them according to their persona. Through automation tool send personalized marketing campaigns. On average, this kind of personalized email delivers six times higher transaction rates than a generic message.

Send a welcome video to new subscribers and as they gradually lead into the funnel send them content accordingly.


According to Bain Consulting’s study, increasing customer retention by just 5 percent resulted in a 25 percent increase in profit. It’s easier to sell an existing customer than to convert a new one.

Marketing automation software is incomplete without customer relationship management (CRM). With the help of MAP and CRM, you can track your lead information like currently at which stage they are, you can score them and segment them according to their interest.

Using marketing automation to track the past activity of the subscriber you can upsell them, offer them something more valuable.

The combined power of marketing automation and video can make your business flourish and let you reach a great height of success


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