Marketing Automation Trends To Considered For 2019

Marketing Automation Trends

A marketing automation tool is becoming accessible to businesses of all sizes. It is becoming increasingly favorite to all because it saves a lot of your time & money and helps you to spend it where it is required most.

But in 2019, if you really want to get the utmost benefit of marketing automation, then you should know the following trends which I am going to pen down here that will shape your future automation.

Integration of Technology

If you want to succeed in this field you have to opt multichannel strategy i.e. email, social media, mobile marketing all together in sync. This is an effective way to engage the right audience at the right time through the right channel. Doing so you’ll make sure no lead gets unnoticed and you’ll provide your customer a consistent experience.

Lead scoring

Lead scoring is a systematic way to get to know the buyer persona. It takes into account factors like demographics, behavioral data, past behavior (if any), etc. As per that information, it scores the lead in order to find out whether or not a lead is qualified.

Then as per that score you can create relevant personalized content, this helps you to nurture lead properly.

The continued rise of AI

AI is able to track users’ behavior, demands, and needs. By identifying users’ requirements AI can make correct suggestions like which type of content will work best for a particular segment of the audience during a certain stage of the customer journey.

For example, when new subscribers sign up to your newsletter, they’ll receive an automated message welcoming them and telling them what steps to take next. Similarly, when any subscriber makes a purchase they’ll get a thank you message along with order confirmation.

Consumer want personalized content

Personalized content results in higher conversion. The marketing automation tool makes personalized content to deliver a personalized experience to a target audience.

Every message is tailored according to customer traits. Manually it is tough to do but automation does this easily with the help of the segmentation, lead nurturing, etc. Personalized messages encourage an audience to open the message and act further accordingly.

Human touch is irreplaceable

Marketing automation through bots can only handle basic marketing tasks. Machines don’t create an emotional bond/experience, you have to create an experience where your customer should not feel that they are interacting with an automated system, instead, they should see you as a real live person.

Communicate with them in a personal tone as it will deepen your relationship with the audience. A business tone will get you only a short period of a relationship.

As machines are not emotionally intelligent, try to interact personally with the members of your audience, whether that’s by sending emails or texts, giving them a call, or even talking face-to-face, whenever possible, humanize your approach.  


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