4 Marketing Automation Strategies That Will Die by 2018

Marketing automation trend

Marketing automation trend!!

Ever reach for a product to purchase it but while picking up you realize that it has exceeded its expiration date? You know that if you purchase that product, it won’t taste the same. The same applies to technology, it too gets expired (outdated). You could use same old techniques, but at the end, result won’t be satisfying.


Technology is something that change/update frequently, what is current will be outdated within a short span of time. Hence every marketer must keep themselves and their software/technology up-to-date.

Same is the case of marketing automation. There are various practices that get outdated and need to get updated. If not updated the outcome won’t be what you want and you’ll be disappointed.

Some of the most popular marketing automation trend have reached the end of their life and need to revamp. Let’s discuss the top four marketing automation practice that no longer is effective.

Drip Campaign (without Personalization)

 Earlier it is to believe that it is impossible to send out a series of emails to a large contact list. Send your contact list a particular email, once they open it, follow up with another email after five days.

In another few days, on the basis of their activity send them another email with more relevant content. But all these efforts didn’t generate any positive result, why so? It’s because your drip campaign isn’t personalized.

Personalization is key to success when comes to email marketing/marketing automation. Instead of blasting them with campaign after campaign, send a targeted personalized campaign. More personalized email more likely the contact will respond and engage with you/ your brand.

Over Complex Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a process to allocate some score to a customer on the basis of certain action performed by them. In a more simple way, lead scoring is assigning a value(score/point) to leads based on their activity or information they provide.

If the lead scoring algorithm is too complex, the lead scoring process slows down and lead to disrupting segmentation task and ultimately sending a campaign. How complex you make algorithm depends on your project, client or campaign.

A simple lead scoring system can be based on demographics factor or behavior of leads/customer. A simple algorithm will be easy to follow and easy to understand.

Sending too many emails too quickly

Getting too many emails too quickly feel like they’re being spammed. Sending too many emails at a short period of time doesn’t going to generate a lead for you or convert lead into a customer.

Remember there is a typical sales cycle your every lead go through from before they are ready to make a purchase. So it’s important to align your automated campaign with purchase cycle.

Long (Text heavy) Dynamic content

Dynamic content may include ebooks, newsletters, web forms etc,. As per various reports, mobile usage has surpassed desktop usage, this means people prefer to use mobile over desktop.

You should design content which is mobile friendly i.e. easy to read on a smartphone. That means your marketing strategy and content need to be revised.

Even people don’t prefer long heavy text ebook or newsletter, people are more interested in a content which are in the form of quizzes, surveys, interactive landing pages, videos, etc,.

Everything has a life, marketing automation trend are no exception. One just needs to update oneself with new technology and software not only to stay in the competition but rise above it. Marketers need to stay ahead of the current trends in adopt in business in order to gain their target audience attention.



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