Marketing Automation Terms

Marketing Automation Terms

If you are a newbie and just started to explore the marketing automation industry, you may have come across some automation technology that you’re not familiar with and there can be some words that can even spin the head of experience marketing expert.   

It would be nice if there’s a list of common and useful automation terminology. Hence, below we have mentioned some common and some tricky marketing automation terms and listed them out.

  1. Automation Rules: These are the rules which you set to perform certain marketing and sales actions within your automation system. Like segmenting your audience into a different group based on the rule that you have defined.                                                     
  2. Landing Page: A landing page is a specific web page different from the homepage. It is a page where a visitor can visit or land from a link or an ad. Its purpose is conversion i.e. lead to customer. 
  3. Lead Generation: Lead generation is a process of creating demand for product/service. It typically done through content marketing that solves a prospect’s needs, captures their information, then nurtures them to become a customer.                      
  4. Lead Nurturing: It is a process to convert leads into customers, this is done by sending personalized and relevant content. The goal is to build brand awareness and make lead a sales-ready lead.                                                                                                          
  5. Lead scoring: Lead scoring is the process that determines the likelihood of lead becoming a customer. It is a process of assigning a numerical value to leads based on pre-defined criteria. 
  6. Progressive Profiling: Progressive profiling is a way to know about lead slowly and gradually. It let you capture the right information (or we can say the right amount of information) at the right time from the leads so that you can turn that first date/conversation into a second. This means that prospects won’t have to fill out their information all at once, so you can collect their information over time and form a profile on them.                                             
  7. Drip Campaign: It is referred to as a series of emails sent automatically to push (or “drip”) pre-selected content to a user over a predetermined period in order to move them through the sales process. The type of content they receive will often be tailored to their actions on your site.
  8. Marketing Automation Workflow: It is an act of automating marketing tasks. You can set up an email to trigger when someone fills out a form, visits a page and more. Basically, it’s a sequence of actions, often emails, that begin once a user completes a certain action.                   
  9. CRM Software: Customer relationship management (CRM) is a database of records. It involves the practice of tracking and recording contact information in a marketing automation system or in the CRM system.                                                                               
  10. Call-to-Action (CTA): A CTA is a button or link on your website or in the email that asks your visitor/email recipient to click on that link or button in order to take further action.

So there you have it, this is the basic list will give an idea of what certain terms mean and gets you a little closer to all the terminology. There are lots more term which you need to know in order to become a marketing automation expert.

If there are other marketing automation terms concepts, keyword or terminology you are still wondering about and wants to know? Drop us that in the comment box and surely we answer all your questions.


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