Marketing Automation Strategies Marketers can Implement Today

Marketing automation strategies

Every tool is an important part of your marketing strategy/plan, same applies for marketing automation software. You should know the proper implementation of marketing automation software and how to use otherwise it’s not going to last for long.

Agencies/consultant strategies for your marketing campaign and marketing automation tool is the best for digital marketing.

Here are some of the best strategies

Use dynamic content to engage your audience

You must use dynamic content to get the best result of marketing automation tool. Having no relevant content or having no content at all can be harmful to your business because dynamic content is what drives your lead attention.

Dynamic content referred to a content which gets change based on the interest or past behavior of the audience. Dynamic content creates an experience that is personalized specifically for the visitors when they visit your website or open your sent email.

As per DemandGen Report, 47% of buyers view and engage with content before interacting with a sales agent. This is why you should create a good, relevant and credible content that aligns with customer’s past behaviors and satisfies their interest.

Not all content types are equal. Like, blog and articles are good at the top of the funnel/campaign but when a customer is planning to buy your product you need visual content e.g. videos, slides, presentations, etc.,

Set up Drip Campaign

A drip campaign is a set of automated emails that take action based on the customer’s online behavior.

Interesting Facts About Email Marketing

For example, when a lead subscribes to your emails, a welcome message is sent to them. Similarly, if they visit your product’s page you can send them an email regarding the product and promotional offer.

Message sent through drip campaigns have 80% higher open rates and click through rate than the same message that is blasted to everyone at the same time.

A drip campaign helps you to nurture relationships with your leads without face to face contact, it is all about what customer wants and satisfies them by giving them what they exactly require.Set up Nurture Campaign

Every visitor of your’s is a potential buyer. Leads which are not ready to buy your products, you have to nurture them. Question is how do you nurture them?

Through dynamic content, you can tailor to the specific needs of each lead. Research shows that companies that excel in lead nurturing generate 50% more sales at 33% lower cost.

Your lead nurturing process start when lead subscribes to your email. Once they subscribe to your email, you send them a welcome email. From this stage, your leads will be categorized differently depending on their online behavior.

Whatever category they belong to you can use your content to nurture them until they make a purchase.

List Segmentation

Once you obtain information from your lead, you can group them into a different segment. Making list segmentation manually can take a lot of time and can be prone to human errors.

With marketing automation, you can segment your list easily from your settings. Leads can be segmented based on different criteria like age, gender, demographic factor, online behavior, etc. you can segment your subscribers as many possible ways as you can depending on the metrics that are important to you.

With a tool like, you can do list segmentation easily and determine the content to send to each list.


Marketing automation has endless possibilities. It totally depends on you how effectively you use it. The benefit which you get from marketing automation tool depends on how powerful your marketing strategies are.

As implement these strategies, you’ll be able to multiply your conversion rate with marketing automation


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