5 Sins Of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation sins

Marketing automation is often a misunderstood concept. Some think it is a robotic method, some think it is a costly tool. Honestly, if used properly automation tool allows you to easily deliver a relevant message to your target audience.

On the other hand, poor implementation of a marketing automation tool can be a sin for your organization.


So in order to keep yourself away with bad marketing automation, avoid these 5 misdeeds or marketing automation sins.

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    Not Segmenting Leads : Neither your leads are same nor their behavior and needs. You may not realize it but sending the same message to all your contact can turn out to be negative for your brand and it’s the image. Before building a campaign, identify and segment your audience. Use various tools like data and analytics to determine leads’ behavior, need and want and then create a campaign that is tailored specifically to those individuals.
  2. Not Creating Marketing Automation Goal  : Always create an email goal for your content otherwise you can lose your leads. In your marketing campaign make sure that each email of yours includes appropriate content, call-to-action and should send out at right time.                                                                 
  3. Sending Emails Too Frequently : This is the most sinful thing marketers can do. Sending too many emails too quickly can irritate your customer because no one likes to receive too many emails. Apart from this campaign, there would be a typical sales cycle that your leads have to go through therefore it’s important to align your automation campaign with this cycle. Marketing automation sins
  4. Approaching Directly for the Purchase : One of the biggest misdeeds you can make is directly approaching your lead to purchase without preparing them to become sales-ready i.e. without nurturing them. Sending your first message with call-to-action for demo or trial, or buy now is the worst automation practice, instead, before you ask your leads to make a purchase, you have to build a relationship with them and that can happen by proper nurturing them.                                     
  5. Letting Your Campaign Run on its Own : If you think your job is finished once you launch a campaign then you are in big misconception. You have to do a lot of work after your campaign starts to ensure its success. It’s important to monitor your campaign post-launch in order to know whether it is performing well or not and if not then why, what’s the reason, etc. For e.g, if the open rate of your email is low try changing the subject line in your next email, this can be only track when you monitor your campaign post-launch. Avoid to commit these 5 marketing automation sins and you’ll be on the path to success for your marketing automation.

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