Marketing Automation role in Digital Transformation

Digital transformation

As automation technology is evolving, the capabilities of marketers evolve alongside it.

A good automation software goes hand-in-hand with real-time access to gather customer data and learn their behavioral pattern. Advance marketing technology allows marketers to craft personalized messages and deliver them at the correct time when customers are most receptive to the content. With the richer database and learning models, marketers can create content and trust automation to deliver that content in minimum time.


Automation can do what humans can’t. It has the ability to analyze mass quantities of user data, split that data into various segments, create scoring models and launches campaigns.

Still many of us are just at the surface of how this tech will revolutionize marketing theory.

How Marketing Automation Benefits Marketers

Automation reduces the time and effort required in communicating with prospects to optimize campaign performance.

In addition, automation allows marketers to leverage customer engagement with fast, personalized responses. In such a competitive industry, the brands that accurately anticipate and meet customers expectation is creating more lasting relationships and driving more revenue than competitors that are slower in the adoption of automation technology.

Personalized engagement is equally important and critical to companies who deal offline. By automating points of engagement throughout the customer journey, marketers can boost conversion no matter where the consumers are in the funnel.

Automation technology help to identify the pain points of prospects/customers and deliver them with the most effective content and offers. The more relevant the content, the better will be the result.

No-Risk, No Gain

The risk involved in everything. Every new technology and approach doesn’t work without the risks. Marketers who implement automation without proper planning/strategy likely to get failed.

Therefore, before investing in any new technology or implementing new technology, companies should consider some of the following points:

  • How they want to use automation software
  • What are the goal and objective company wants to achieve through automation
  • Current marketing tactics/strategies the company is working on.
  • Budget Allocation

This way marketers can analyze every aspect of the business regarding automation technology (pre and post-implementation effect). Marketers who plan in advance before actual implementation can avoid various problems. Machines can’t replace human planning, but they can assist them in building smarter strategies and in the optimization of the available resources.

Set Automation in Motion

To execute automation and optimize it, marketers should consider these tips:

Marry Content With Measurement

Prospect convert into a customer when they nurture with the right content. Analyze the effectiveness of content against different audiences. Because every audience has a different persona, then use automation software to deliver that content.

Define the audience, map the variations of the content according to the audience. This serves as a structure for your further planning and allows you to programmatically generate, deliver, measure, and optimize at scale through an automation platform.

Identify All Consumer Touchpoints

Every interaction between your customer and you are an opportunity to gather useful data about the customer, they will tell you what they want, so listen to them carefully. Make your database strong by collecting information at each turn, then use that data to nurture leads efficiently.

Data-driven automation is at the foundation of smart marketing in 2018 and beyond. By collecting customer data and making every interaction valuable for both, a brand can use automation to increase engagement and deepen the relationship which eventually results in conversion.


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