Agency: How To Sell Marketing Automation To Your Clients

Marketing automation platforms

Marketing automation is a software which helps the marketing department to automate marketing tasks in order to improve conversion rates. Marketing automation offers several marketing campaigns under a single dashboard with tools like email marketing, landing pages, triggered campaigns, lead management, and much more.

Businesses all around the world are looking to move from the traditional world to the virtual world (online), primarily in order to generate more revenue.


The maximum number of best marketers in the world use marketing automation. If used properly, marketing automation platforms can provide higher qualified lead and increase average sales by approx 34 percent.

Selling marketing automation to clients helps to build a good relationship with clients, reduce customer acquisition cost and increase revenue. We are presenting an overview of how you should sell an email marketing automation software to your clients.

Engagement of customer after ads

Spending a huge amount of money on ads but fail to engage customer post ad is nothing but a wastage of money and many marketers fail to engaged customers. But it is easy to engage the customer after ads are launched in automation software. Proper follow up through the newsletter, awareness campaign, time to time emails are the tactics to keep the customer engaged. This does not make them feel left out.

Retention of old clients along with the generation of new ones

Marketing automated does not only beneficial to generate leads, but it is also equally beneficial to retain the old client. Continuously engaging them (after-sale follow up, sending the newsletter, emails regarding a new feature in a product or launching of a new product, etc.) help in the retention. 

Landing page

A landing page is one of the parts of a campaign. But it is not effective unless you don’t have a good automation platform. Marketing automation platforms would assist an agency in creating an effective landing page ensuring proper synchronization with the website.

Personalized Campaign

Marketing automation software collects customer details and segments them according to that details which helps in creating personalized campaigns. With the help of the tool, an agency can create personalized campaigns/messages for their client and/or can send personalized campaigns to their clients.

All in one tool 

Marketing automation is all in one tool. You don’t need multiple tools to build and send a campaign. From visitor tracking to lead generation to convert leads into customer marketing automation software alone can perform all the tasks. While performing these three major task several other small tasks automatically performed like creating a landing page, segmenting subscriber, drip campaign, etc.

According to the research, “Email has an average ROI of $38 to $40 for each $1 spent”.

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This is one of the main reason why your clients will love this automated tool. But another reason, as mentioned above is that email marketing is really good when comes to client acquisition and retention and that definitely turn out to be good for your client whether they are B2B or B2C.

Therefore, an email marketing automation tool is the best way to interact with the prospect and clients. Your client surely going to love this tool.


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