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Most of us have decent knowledge and understanding of what marketing automation is all about. Everyone knows the basics of marketing automation: It smoothes the functioning, automates and monitor marketing task and result regularly. But a good automation platform is more than just sending off a marketing campaign. There are many cool and useful thing marketers can do with marketing automation software. Such as lead scoring, progressive profiling and so on, ultimately leads you to close more deals.

So what are these super cool things you can do with marketing automation, you ask?


Let’s take a look at the list below, and if you are already using a marketing automation system see if anything made the list that you hadn’t thought to try before or you missed to check out.

  • Website (Visitor) Tracking:

    One of the most powerful features of marketing automation software is the ability to see (track) visitor activity, like who is viewing your site, how much time visitor is spending on the site, what kind of the content they are engaging with, and many more.

  • Automated Campaign:

    It allows marketers to easily create an automated campaign with relevant content by segmenting and designing the format preferred by the audience. Automation automatically sends emails based on certain activity performed by the customer. It guides the audience on every stage of the buying process.

  • Create Landing Pages:

    This is where you can host your content and gather information. In marketing automation software one can create mobile-friendly different landing pages for different offers and campaigns. You can include webform into your landing page to invite your lead to start a conversation. The lead form fields can sync with your CRM system, automatically populating and updating contact records.

  • Automatically Assign Score To Leads:

    Lead scoring is an automated process that adds or subtracts points from each lead based on actions taken or not taken by leads Not all leads are ready for sales, lead scoring helps marketers prioritize leads by making it easier to identify which lead is ‘sales-ready’ and accordingly marketers can take further action. It saves marketers time and energy which they might spend on leads which are not interested to purchase.

  • Communicate With Lead On Every Channel:

    Your prospects are on every channel- whether its social media, searching on the web, or text messaging. It’s important to track every possible channel you can interact on with your prospect. This will help you to know which channel is best for which prospect to interact ( which channel help you to reach your audience most effectively).

  • Use Progressive Profiling:

    It allows shortening forms to just a few necessary fields rather than having many fields. Once a lead has filled out one form, they’ll be shown different fields in any other additional form. It helps to gather new and different information from your visitor over a certain period of time.

  • Create Personalized Experience With Dynamic Content:

Nowadays consumers want personalized digital experience. Through dynamic content, you can create customized content i.e. content specific to prospects interest and needs. It boosts your click-through rates and open rates because there is exclusive content in the email for every consumer.

Track Your Result And ROI: You can use marketing automation to check everything- from contact behavior, audience engagement to campaign result. It gives you a clear picture as to how your campaign worked and according to the result and reports you can tailor your campaign in the future.

These are some of the coolest things you can do with your marketing automation software, there are some other thing also like audience segmentation, contact management, account-based marketing, etc.

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