Marketing Automation in CRM (MA and CRM Integration)

Top 3 Marketing Automations Softwares

Most of the organizations have marketing and sales teams that work together and their work and goal aligned with each other.

The main goal of the marketing team is to generate leads while the main goal of the sales team is to close those leads i.e. to convert leads into customers.

CRM platform have been around for many years nd bring a change the way sales and marketing team works.

CRM software is great for organizing customer information and tracking sales but they don’t provide end to end marketing automation solution.

Marketing automation help you to automate various marketing processes and provide a centralized place for marketing collateral (emails, landing pages, drip campaign, content, social media, etc.).

Marketers can use marketing automation to have better and clear visibility and control over the lead generation process, better facilitate the online buyer’s journey, and provide sales enablement tactics inside CRM.

This opens the door to CRM and marketing automation integration. According to SessionCam, 89% of users have integrated their marketing automation with the CRM because it offers ease in process and data management.

Benefits of combining CRM and marketing automation

  • Sales and marketing team working as a single unit will have same goal and will work on the same data that will ultimately increase productivity and ROI.                                         
  • Increase in conversion because sale reps know the correct time to contact the lead (when they are sales ready) and automation will aid the sales pitch.                                    
  • Transparency in the process, as both the teams exactly know the criteria for qualified leads.                                                                                                                             
  • One can easily and effectively target the lead by integrating customer data with their behavior. Integrating marketing automation solution and CRM cut cost and enhance productivity.                                                                                                                    
  • No time wastage on getting feedback from sales team for marketing team and vice versa as they are working as a single unit.                                                                         
  • Automated lead scoring based on the leads activities will give the sales team an idea of which leads to chase first.                                                                                                
  • Both the team will get the full insight into every aspect of the sales and marketing process.                                                                                                                          
  • By integrating the two systems, you allow for the seamless transfer of lead information, ensuring right message send to the right person at the right time and marketing and sales department work in coordination.                                                                             
  • See the whole picture along with a report from CRM and marketing automation in one.             
  • Easily track account-based marketing with automated CRM software


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