Will Automation Provide Any Value To Consultant

Marketing Automation Consultant

Marketing automation is one of the hottest trends in the marketing world. However, still many people are unaware of the technology and its insight.

Consultant, as a name suggest is a person who gives advice to their clients on several issues. Here we are talking about marketing automation software hence consultant will provide services to its clients regarding marketing automation technology like which/whose service to opt, solving problems, etc,.


As marketing automation is a relatively new field for many of the people, let’s start with what marketing automation is. Then I’ll go on to explain whether it will provide any value to the consultant or on.

Marketing Automation

In a most simple form marketing automation is a software which helps to perform marketing activities seamlessly. It performs repetitive task designed by marketers.

Like sending emails (triggered emails), segmentation, visitor tracker, etc,. It does not only help to design campaign but it also tests it. Through A/B testing one can test their work they are doing on marketing automation software.

A good marketing automation package helps businesses to capture and nurture lead effectively. It automatically triggers time-based or action based communications.

Marketing automation process starts with any digital marketing activity. For instance, a social media post that leads the prospect to a landing page. Then the visitor is nurture by providing some motivational offer or informative emails in order to give their contact details so that they can nurture further to turn them into the customer from a mere visitor.

How it is valuable for the consultant?

Not only small businesses and agencies are benefited with marketing automation software but consultant are also benefited with it. Benefits of marketing automation for consultant include:

More relevant communication

When you talk to people about marketing automation you only communicate thing which is required you’ll not beat around the bush.

Increased customer ratio

As people are getting more aware of marketing automation platform, it builds up the chances of increase your customer database.

Opportunities for cross-selling or upselling

Marketing automation is the tool which doesn’t disappoint any person and after consulting best product available in the market, chances are your client would try your other offering too.

Increased revenue

There is no doubt marketing automation is a powerful tool. People want to consult about it before purchasing, hence being a good consultant it will increase your revenue.

Apart from above mention benefit, giving consulting services regarding marketing automation able you to get a detail client insight which ultimately helps you to serve your client better.

Things Consultant need to know about marketing automation

Marketing automation (MA) is a way to optimize the way they do their marketing. It works along with customer relationship management (CRM) for better functioning.

Marketing automation is useful for both small businesses and big businesses to nurture and qualify leads and to increase ROI.

This software is especially useful for SMEs looking to gear up their marketing efforts. It frees people from doing a lot of manual work.

Here are few things which a consultant need to know about marketing automation software (MA)

  • Marketing automation software generates twice as many leads as blast email software.
  • 64 percent of marketers saw benefits from MA within the first six months of use.
  • Nearly 60-70 percent of businesses are using MA or are currently implementing one.
  • Nurtured leads produce 20% more sales opportunity than non nurtured leads.
  • The marketing automation main benefit is its capacity to generate and nurture leads.

Being a consultant, before referring any software, ask your client about their need. Because the best platform that suits your client will depend on a factor such as the size of the marketing program (number of customers), how much they are willing to spend on the software, etc,. Always ask and do some research before committing any specific software.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of marketing automation software/program out there but Sales-Push.com is one of the cheapest yet effective software, one can work on.


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