Marketing Automation Best Practices for Digital Marketing Agency

Marketing automation best practices

Digital Marketing agency helps its clients in their marketing activity through a marketing automation tool. It assists throughout the conversion process.

A couple of misconception about Marketing Automation

  • Marketing automation is not a robotic process. It’s not about sending ‘unfeeling’ messages that cut human interaction. In fact, it helps to build a better relationship between marketer and targeted audience by simplifying complex data.
  • It’s not just about ‘automating’ the funnel. It’s about building and giving personalized experience throughout the marketing to a sales process.
  • Many feel that marketing automation is to perform things in short-cuts but it’s not true. Automation is about learning more about your potential customers and guiding them to become more educated and interested in your brand.
  • Many people have this misconception that marketing automation is only an email marketing software but it is more than just sending emails. It has features like website tracking, behavior analytics, campaign optimization, analysis of results through testing and google analytics, and many more.
So, what is marketing automation then?
  1. Segmentation and targeting, no tool can do this better than a marketing automation tool. By properly studying audience behavior and their past conversation with the brand, it segments them it the most appropriate way.
  2. Content is still the king of the campaign. Marketing automation helps to personalize the content delivered to prospects and customers.
  3. It’s about building a relationship. Its aim to build ongoing/ long-lasting relationship by proper nurturing the leads as well as customers.
  4. Helping humans. Automation can help humanize a brand by helping marketers better understand the needs and behavior of the target audience.
Best practices for digital agency marketing automation

Digital marketing agency required marketing automation as same as required by any other organization, the only difference agency work on automation tool on behalf of their clients (use automation tool for their clients) and any organization use that tool to meet out their own requirement.

There is more data available on the prospect, leads and customers hence agency need to work differently than they use to do in the past. We can use this to expand our target area, to generate more leads and to serve them better.

Let’s look at some more marketing automation best practices
  1. Marketing automation delivers the right message to the right people at the right time so if you want to optimized automation work hard to understand your clients and their prospect need, interest and purchase behavior because once you understand it you’ll be able to set automation rule accordingly.                                                                           
  2. Use your client database (if they have) to build relevant automation processes and workflow. A buyer persona is a part of the prospect or customer personality that help to take marketing and content decision.                                                                             
  3. All leads are not equal not ready to convert. Understand the lead’s stage and accordingly plan marketing activity. If lead is not ready to buy, don’t leave them, nurture them till they get ready to buy.                                                                                                    
  4. Provide more diverse, accurate and personalized content to leads. Different leads need a different type of content to get nurtured, some may required facts point and some may require testimonial to convert them.                                                                                  
  5. Lead scoring is a good way to access the lead’s progress. It quickly shows lead readiness to purchase a product/service. You can track where most of the leads stop to make a purchase, at that stage you can work hard.                                                                      
  6. “One-fits-all-emails” stop this practice, use triggered emails, segmentation, and workflow to build a smart and relevant campaign in order to increase your lead engagement rate.

Agency should adopt the right practice while serving its client. One type of practice doesn’t fit all the clients. As mentioned above every client have a different requirement, like some wants marketing automation only to send emails, while some want to automate the whole marketing process. So according to the client requirement agency should choose practice.

If you have any queries, you can directly ask us.


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