5 Reasons Why Agencies Opt Sales-Push For Marketing Automation

marketing automation agency

In this post, we are going to discuss about a marketing automation agency.

Marketing automation is one of the best tools for advertising and marketing agency. It saves time, keeps your team and your task organized.


Sales-Push is a platform which helps SMEs and agency to deploy marketing automation in business at a reasonable cost.

What feature should a good agency (marketing automation software provider) have?

Here are the top 5 features that we provide to agencies so that marketing automation turns out to be easy for them as well as for their clients.

Let’s take a look at all top five features.

Distinct User Permission

Generally, there are many employees in an agency working on the same campaign simultaneously. It is required to ensure that each employee work on their own section of the project (campaign). Other employees should not have permission to change or delete anything from other employee’s section, unless and until they are granted to do so. It gives you control over how employees use marketing automation software.

White Label Human Resource Team

Our human resource team provides onboarding and product support to agencies. We provide real-time support at the time of deployment of marketing automation, solving queries and problems occurs from time to time. We provide training regarding how the onboarding process can be done through marketing automation software.

Do It Yourself Billing Management

Make billing system easy by integrating it with your marketing automation tool. By integrating it you can easily manage your client billing and account issues by providing smooth client services. It provides an option for clients to do payment/billing itself without depending on the service provider.

Multi-Account Management

As a marketing agency, you will have numerous clients and managing all the accounts, data and campaigns of all the clients is a tough task. Our tool enables you to manage all the accounts with the single master account, it keeps everything organized and saves time.

Multi-Channel Functionality (Marketing)

In today’s competitive era, agencies should not depend on anyone channel of marketing, agencies need to build a presence on many channels in order to effectively manage clients’ marketing campaigns. Now companies use text messages, social media, and many more (apart from email) to reach out to their targeted audience. Agency should try to include multiple channels as it saves time by enabling them to access multiple channels.

Sales-Push offers a marketing automation tool that specifically designed for agencies. Along with this, we provide premium product support, premium service package, and many more services. To learn and know more about marketing automation software and about us login at Sales-Push.com


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