List Of Some Effective Words Which Should Be Use In Email Campaigns

words use in email campaigns

Use of an appropriate word is an art, one should be careful while choosing word/sentence/phrases especially in the professional world. This advanced synonym page would let you know where you stand in your proficiency of using them.

Email marketing (campaigns) is one of the most effective ways to reach out to target audience, massage is conveyed to a large number of people hence one must be careful in writing the content of the massage.


There are some words which can demotivate your target people while there are some words which can motivate them to turn from prospect to customer, you just need to find out what are those words which are suitable for any particular situation.

There are some words one should use in an email campaign to make it more effective.

Below is a list of some of the most powerful words which should be used in email marketing.
  1. You: “You” give some personal touch to the reader it seems as if the writer is directly speaking to the reader, it somewhere helps to pay more attention to the massage.

 2. Free: This word has the power to attract people, it encourages people to shop.

  1. Value: It is something customers look for in a product/service and if you especially mention it what they are getting for their money it surely benefits you.
  1. Fascinating/wonderful: These types of word (less ordinary) get a quick response from the reader.
  1. Secure and competent: Security comes first so security+effectiveness is a good combo in a product.
  1. New: It is a word which excites everyone to check out what is new, to use it, to have it.
  1. Premium: It denotes higher above all, whether it’s service or product or premium as a customer.
  1. Instant: No one has time neither they want to wait, everyone wants everything instantly.
  1. More: Everyone wants something extra(more) and if you are offering something extra make the customer aware of it.
  1. Powerful: Let your customer know how powerful your products and services are.
  1. Never: Use it in a positive way rather than in a negative way like “never miss a chance to grab a great deal”.
  1. Save: Who doesn’t want to save whether it’s time or money or energy.
  1. Act now: It helps to get an immediate response like ‘offer limited’ in this customer will respond as soon as they can.
  1. Easy: Let your customer know how easy your product/service is to use.
  1. Because: Give your customer a reason to purchase your product.
  1. Everything you need: Establish your product as a must-have product which have everything.
  1. Good Deal: Customer always wants a good deal.
  1. Exclusive: Customer always gets excited/happy to get something exclusive.
  1. Explore: Suggest your customer explore new things.
  1. No constraint: There should be no obligation on customers and it should be mention.
  1. Tested: Tell your customer that your product/services are tried and tested.
There are a few more words which are more powerful and more effective than the words discussed above.                                                                                                                                                  
  • Last chance: Last chance to avail the offer.
  • Thank you: The best way to appreciate your customer and make them feel good.
  • Introducing: Let them realize they are the first to know about the new offer/product.
  • Join: Motivate your reader/customer to join some group, participate in certain events, etc.
  • Convenient: Tell the reader how you are making their life a convenient one.
  • Complimentary: Who does not want a complimentary gift or product/service.
There are some word which should be avoided to use, some of them are as follows                              
  • Unique: Everything is unique so basically nothing is unique.
  • Miracle: There is nothing a miracle.
  • Revolutionary: It means something really very big or impressive, which change the whole scenario, unless and until your product is not up to that mark it’s not revolutionary.
  • 100% money-back guarantee: There is nothing as such and if anyone is claiming it there must be certain loophole in it


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